Even the most dedicated event planners need to refresh their approach sometimes, myself included.

So for my event planning in 2012, I’ve resolved to keep the following principles at front of mind, no matter how hectic things get!

Audacious – It’s amazing what people will provide if you just ask, and events with dozens of attendees represent an ideal promotional opportunity for suppliers.

Katie has big resolutions for 2012. What are yours?

If it’s a great brand fit – and if my event attendees match a product’s target audience – they’ll be happy to hear from me. For example, a sporting themed event could be a brilliant opportunity for juice and health food brands to provide samples.

Also, I definitely want to support my contacts, but there is almost always room for negotiation on cost, so I will master the barter in 2012.

Connected – It’s days before my event and I’m struggling to get attendees via the usual promotional routes. But have I exhausted my own networks? Twice? There’s so much traffic on Facebook and Twitter that people often miss things first time around, so it’s worth posting things a second time.

Eventbrite’s own findings on social commerce decisively show that Facebook and Twitter shares equal ticket sales.

And what about the contacts that are fans of our business – have I asked them for support? I love to help out my network and business contacts where I can – so it stands to reason people will want to support my endeavors as well.

Curious – Has someone, somewhere, attempted what I’m doing, and posted up findings/tips that I can lean on? Have I trawled the blogs and journals for inspiration? Have I reached out to people that work on similar events for their thoughts?

It’s tempting to re-invent the wheel but there’s often plenty of relevant content out there, which can save you a lot of time.

Serene – My inbox is at capacity, both phones are beeping, someone is IMing me, Twitter is out of control. And my event is tomorrow. I’m freaking out!

But then I think of all the event pre-planning I’ve done. I’ve been resolute in my resolutions, so there’s nothing more I can do but be serene. I make a cup of tea, put on my favourite song, and work out what I can do now to ensure the event is a success. Are there non-urgent emails I can park until after? Are there people I can reach out to for support?

This year, I will strive to keep a balanced perspective, even when it feels like everything needs to be done ‘NOW’. After all, I’m an event planner to the core: juggling these balls is what I’m great at! The odds are that my event will be an overwhelming success – and if it’s not, the learnings will be all the more valuable.

Here’s to a 2012 of masterful event planning!

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