In 2014, we paired pickles with pints, did obstacle courses through the mud, learned how to cook Paleo dishes, watched our favorite indie artists become kind of a big deal, and put down our phones at digital detox camps. Check out how people gathered in 2014–there was no shortage of new experiences.

Before we leave 2014 in the dust completely, let’s take a moment to reflect on the past year by the numbers.

  • Total volume processed in 2014: $1.5 Billion
  • Number of tickets sold (free and paid) in 2014: 80 Million
  • Number of events: 1.7 Million
  • Number of partner apps available in 2014: 130
  • Number of offices opened: 3 (Nashville, Dublin, Melbourne), bringing our total to 7 offices globally (and now 8 with Berlin’s launch last week!!)
  • Number of languages Eventbrite supports: 7
  • Number of Britelings (Eventbrite employees) worldwide:  497
  • Number of Barklings (Eventbrite dogs): 47
  • Number of hours in the day that you can pick up the phone and talk to a member of our Customer Support Team: 24
  • Number of events hosted at Eventbrite HQ in San Francisco: 108
  • Number of pullups done on the Tower of Power: 1105  (11 done on TechCrunch Cribs)
  • Number of bottles of hot sauce in the Eventbrite kitchen:  62
  • Number of Britelings who were on crutches recovering from surgery on the same leg at the same exact time: 3

Here’s to 2015, we’re so excited for what lies ahead!

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