Director’s Guides to Events

As an event director, you have significant experience in the industry. But you know that’s no guarantee you’ll stay ahead tomorrow. Use these guides to learn valuable insights to better position your business and keep attendees coming back year after year.

Director’s Guide to Event Experience

If your marketing sells more than you deliver — or, just as dangerous, if you don’t deliver more than you’ve sold — your brand and your business won’t survive in a competitive events market.

The Director’s Guide to Event Experience will teach you how to truly forge a lasting connection with your attendees.

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Director’s Guide to Multi-City Events

Your event’s attendance has skyrocketed and you’re ready to break into a new market. But where do you begin?

Use this guide to identify the right tools to create a roadmap to help you develop new partnerships, drive traffic, and maximize sales — all in a new city.

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Director’s Guide to Pricing

The most successful leaders know that the best strategy to pricing an event is to determine the value to the customer — and deliver at that price.

Download the Director’s Guide to Pricing to learn the strategy for setting prices that help sell more tickets and make you more money.

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Understand how your team can put these insights into action with Eventbrite in this series of short, on-demand demo videos.

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