The University of Southern California’s Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry has been educating dentists and dental hygienists for 120 years — and they have a large community of students and alumni to show for it. With so many guests to accommodate, their events team had an equally large to-do list that they were managing manually. And it wasn’t easy.

Registration changes could only be made over the phone, and staff had to comb through inboxes and voicemail to keep track of guests, their payment information, and any special requests. It was only a matter of time before the cracks would start to show as the Ostrow School looked to expand its events calendar.

Ostrow’s Director of Events & Alumni Relations, Danielle Barr, wanted an event registration platform that freed her and her office staff from the time-consuming task of keeping track of all the moving parts of the registration process. Barr also wanted a central website, so that all relevant events would be transparent to students, alumni, and donors. She knew it was time for a new registration platform.

Making event registration less manual

Before the Ostrow school started using Eventbrite, staff spent about two hours a week registering guests by hand. Sometimes one Ostrow event is actually three-in-one: a lecture, a cocktail reception, and a dinner all in one evening, for example. 

Now that information is all included in one registration form and served to Barr in the Eventbrite Organizer app. Guests can pick and choose which segments they’d like to attend, and the app lets Barr track attendees based on their specific tickets or registration types.

In addition, the Ostrow School can now create events with multiple registration options and discount codes that are only visible to certain guests. The students who attend Ostrow’s annual scholarship dinner, for example, have access to a discount code that lets them register for free — an option not available to the donor attendees.

Barr’s favorite feature, though? She no longer has to wait to post an event or get approval to change it. She and her colleagues are in full control of their event registration process — when they’re ready to post an event, they can do it immediately and directly.

Clear organization with an event landing page

With so many events for so many audiences, it could be an overwhelming or confusing list for any one attendee. Barr wanted to organize her events more easily for people to find online. When Barr saw Eventbrite’s Communities offering, she knew it was the website solution she’d been looking for.

Eventbrite Communities allows a group of event organizers to manage all of a community’s events on the same landing page. For the Ostrow school, that meant one branded website that listed their entire schedule of events, and the ability to create targeted pages for their primary communities (students and alumni).

By joining Communities, Barr was able to:

  • Share administrator permissions with another colleague who handled student events
  • Create dedicated Communities for both her alumni audience and her coworker’s student audience
  • Showcase all the Ostrow School’s events in one place

For Barr, the Communities page is an invaluable part of keeping attendees informed and excited for future events. Not only can alumni, students, and donors register for events on the page, they can view event photos and get information on speakers, ensuring that the Ostrow School’s events calendar provides more than just a dry time and date.  

Big smiles from the Ostrow School

For the full story behind the Ostrow School’s journey to event success, check out the case study.

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