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Make it a sold-out success

With an easy-to-use, streamlined checkout experience, you can convert your audience into ticket holders faster than ever.

Find new audiences

Easily promote your event on social media and access more than 50 million active ticket buyers from the Eventbrite platform.

Activate your fans

Get access to 15 powerful reports about your event  and review real-time insights about attendees’ interests and movements.

“When we went full on with Eventbrite, ticket buyers started to see how extremely easy it was… We even had a couple of people say, ‘Oh, I could have done this in my pajamas,’ to which we said, ‘YES!’”

-Whitney Staiger, Special Events Manager, The Art League

Reinventing the box office

Don’t miss out on selling tickets with an overly complex checkout.  Create a secure, 2-step registration page for your event that will quickly convert your fans into ticket holders. Eventbrite also makes it easy for your attendees to sign up from any device.

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You’ll make it a crowd pleaser. We’ll help get the turn out.

With access to over 50 million active ticket buyers, Eventbrite can help you attract more attendees to your production. We can put your event in front of millions of potential audience members — whether they’re searching on Google or skimming their Facebook newsfeeds — on any device.

Build a clearer picture of your event

Attendee insights, engagement, and lead capture are just three of the powerful tools our onsite services provide. With the best onsite gear and operations staff in the business, Eventbrite’s teams will set up your event for success.

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Increase ticket sales with our fast and quick mobile checkout

Sites that are mobile-optimized see a 160% lift in conversion rates

A one-second delay in page response can can reduce conversions by 7%

One in 10 buyers drops off for every extra step in a purchase flow

No matter what your role, you drive your event’s success

Event creators

We’ll help you create the vision for your event. Access flexible pricing packages designed to bring your event from a plan on paper to full-blown production.

Operations director

Access an easy-to-use, flexible platform. Get real-time event analysis to ensure a better ROI.

Venue owners

Eventbrite’s network of more than 50 million event-goers will help you sell out any event.

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