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New Data: How Foodies Are Changing the Rules for Food at Events

The worst possible outcome for your food and drink event or festival is to leave your attendees dissatisfied with the very reason they attended.

Trying to keep up with food trends can be dizzying, but if you’re hosting events, it’s critical.

That’s why we partnered with OnePoll to conduct a survey of 2,000 Americans that revealed exactly how your attendees expect to be wined and dined today. It turns, in fact, that food is the second most important factor people consider when deciding to attend any type of event.

In the report, you will find:

  • Why 77% of Americans say food is important at any public event
  • Food trends and catering ideas that will delight attendees
  • Expert advice from two food and drink event pros


How to turn good food into unforgettable experience

Curating and catering food experiences that become part of your event’s reputation is a fine balance between being on-trend and breaking the mold.Ultimately, your mission is to create experiences that will please the palates of attendees but also transcend basic.

Create a catering menu that considers foodie favorites

The food world is constantly shapeshifting. “There’s definitely a niche interest in food restrictions right now,” says Candace Price, the regional event director for iHeartMedia, where she manages food events nationwide. “We get a lot of questions about gluten-free options.”But she also remembers how gluten-heavy artisanal mac and cheese was all the rage just a few years ago. In her 18 years dreaming up big event ideas for iHeartMedia, Price has personally witnessed the rise and fall of many foodie trends. She says, “No one liked Brussels sprouts. Now they’re a thing. Kale, quinoa — people didn’t even know what they were until recently. Only bacon stands the test of time.”According to our research, here are a few of the biggest trends happening in the foodie world right now:

  • Organic, healthy food and locavore options: Foods made with local, seasonal ingredients.
  • CBD infusions: With CBD the buzzword of the decade, infusing your event’s food with this non-intoxicating ingredient is a surefire way to draw attention and attendees. Just make sure to use CBD from hemp that follows federal regulations to avoid any legal issues.
  • Zero-proof cocktails: From Bon Appetit’s hip new brand Healthyish to the New York Times Style Magazine to USA Today, everyone’s jazzed about booze-free cocktails.

To hit the sweet spot, create a menu that’s half tried-and-true classics and half innovative fare.

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