Cons: New Data & Insights on Fans

Cons Icon UpdatedHow you can tap into the new faces of fandom to throw an event of heroic proportions

With cons setting attendance records all over the country, it’s no secret that comic, gaming, anime and pop culture cons are big business. At Eventbrite, we estimate that fan conventions in North America grossed $600M in ticket sales in 2013 alone. But who are the fans? What draws them to these gatherings? And what opportunities does the surge of fan enthusiasm hold for retailers, media companies and organizers?

In June of 2014, Eventbrite conducted an online survey of more than 2600 customers who had purchased tickets to fandom events through their platform in the past two years. The purpose of the survey was to gather data to help organizers, exhibitors, attendees, local communities and other interested parties better understand the opportunities that fandom conventions really present, as compared to old stereotypes about nerds, costumes, and the Simpson’s “Comic Book Guy.” Better information can lead to better events that connect with today’s fans and provide more relevant social and selling opportunities for everyone concerned.


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