You like your job. It’s fine. Really! 

But sometimes, you suspect that your true skills are being underutilized. 

Have you ever considered becoming an event planner? If the following list of twelve signs feels familiar, it might be your calling.

1. You’re the de facto cruise director for your tribe

It’s Thursday morning, and the texts are rolling in. “So, what are we doing tonight?” Within your friend group, you’re known as the one who’s always “in the know.” You hear about events before everyone else, and you have almost a sixth sense for picking the best ones. So naturally, your tribe relies on you to make the call.

You don’t remember applying for this position, and you certainly aren’t getting paid for it. Wait… could you get paid for it? Event planners do!

2. Your calendar books up months in advance

Your answer to “Let’s grab lunch” is “Great! I have an opening in seven weeks.”

It’s not that you thrive on being busy, necessarily. But there’s so much you want to do. If you don’t schedule it all out, you won’t fit it all in.

3. You actually use all the organizational apps on your phone

iCal, Evernote, Reminders, Slack. You use them all. Your phone is your superpower, and if the grid ever went down, you wouldn’t know what to do. 

4. You silently critique most events you attend

At any given event, you’re looking around, making a mental note of all the things you would have done differently. “Ball jars for drinks? So 2017,” you think. “And that centerpiece! It’s not even seasonal!”

5. You have a florist on speed dial

Of course you have a favorite florist. Doesn’t everyone? Yours knows your taste well and has memorized your “floral no fly list”: carnations, babies breath, and gerbera daisies.

In return for your frequent patronage, they always prioritize your orders and often stick in a little extra something to make your bouquets special. This makes you feel warm and fuzzy, and so does supporting a local entrepreneur. 

6. You use Pinterest to collect party ideas

Other people use Pinterest to keep track of fashion or crafting ideas. Your Pinterest boards are full of party favors and decor inspiration. With just a few clicks, you could orchestrate a massive hoedown worthy of any event planner.

7. You’re a people person

You’re an outgoing extrovert who loves making all kinds of talk — big, small, deep, frivolous. Making conversation comes easily to you, and you can’t imagine a day passing without a friendly back and forth with a stranger.

8. You’re a shrewd negotiator

Haggling over a price does not spike your pulse. It’s just business! In fact, when you travel to foreign markets, you’re always nominated to haggle with the vendors. And you suspect that “haggling with vendors” is a skill you could put to use in your professional life. 

9. You “speak” event planner

Event lingo comes naturally to you, so you already know that amuse bouche is French for “mouth amuser” — and no, it’s not dirty. 

You also know that force majeure refers to an unfortunate and unforeseeable circumstance that prevents someone from fulfilling a contract.

The point is, you already talk the talk. Chances are good you could also walk the walk.

10. Stress does not ruffle you

Some people crumble under pressure. Others thrive. You fall into the second category. 

Sometimes, you even daydream about what you would do to save the day. Last-minute vendor cancellations? A trifle. The internet is out at the venue, and none of your technology works? What a rush!

11. Multitasker? You’re an omnitasker

You know those people who can only do one thing at a time? You’re the opposite — you can do everything at once.

You can easily imagine yourself haggling with a vendor while signing a contract and Googling wall sconces. Or driving to the venue to check the acoustics while calling your mom to say happy birthday… while eating your lunch.

12. But you’re also a great delegator

Yes, you’re the most productive person you know. But you’re not afraid to hand out assignments, either. Whatever gets the job done in the most efficient way is just fine by you. 

If you scored a twelve out of twelve on this list, and you’re not an event planner yet, it might be time to make a change. Next step? Check out the infographic How to Become an Event Planner.

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