Saved Events and More on Eventbrite for iOS

Eventbrite for iOS

Earlier in October, we released a brand-spankin’ new Eventbrite for Android that let you save events on-the-go. Today, we’re excited to release saved events on Eventbrite for iOS, too!

Save Events for Later

Next time you’re checking out an event in the app and need a little extra time to decide whether you want to go, just tap the “Save” icon in the upper right corner.


Eventbrite for iOS


You’ll be able to view the event, and any others you’ve saved (whether in the app or on, in the Saved Events section of the app.

 Eventbrite for iOS


To start saving events, you’ll need to connect to Facebook, so make sure to do so when given the option (or in your Settings). Don’t worry, we’ll never post anything to Facebook without your permission.

More Information About Events

We’ve got a few extra goodies up our sleeves, too. No matter where you’re browsing events — on the home screen, within a certain category, and more — we’ll show you the location and starting ticket price, so you can get the information you want more quickly.

Eventbrite for iOS

When you’re viewing a specific event, we’ll give you walking and driving times to help you figure out how you’ll get there, and show you who’s organizing the event and give you an easy way to contact them.

Eventbrite for iOS

Download the latest version of Eventbrite for iOS today!

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Let us know your thoughts on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments below.



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