Eventbrite gets briter: Check out our new look!


If you’re a regular Eventbrite user, you’ve probably noticed one thing that’s really important to us: being orange. That’s right, orangeness. We firmly believe an event just isn’t as brite without it.

With that in mind, we’re rolling out a new, distinctly oranger look this week. We figure that with all the updates to Eventbrite lately—the social event recommendations, the blog redesign, the new social media buttons—it was time for the site to get a little makeover. To be more in line with our core color values. Of orange. Here’s a sneak preview of the new us!

So don’t worry when you spot the new look on your “My Events” and “Create” pages, and elsewhere on the site. This isn’t a change to the product, and you don’t need to do a thing—though we encourage you to give us feedback on the design! In fact, we recommend just kicking back and letting yourself get blinded by the brite. Speaking of which…have we told you about a little party we’re throwing?

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  • My event was yesterday…while these changes were taking place and I was logged into the site for monitoring day-of registrations. It was throwing me off. I would have preferred if the new design was rolled out in your maintenance window on Sunday. I do like the design though. :)

  • Thanks for that feedback, Sarah—and really sorry this interfered with your day-of routine. We know how important that is! Glad you still enjoy the new look :)

  • Hi,I have to say the new color scheme is horrible – sorry guys, but in terms of UI it’s a pain eyes, which is why I assume Theo is wearing the shades!



  • Just logged on and seen the change – it’s too bright I’m afraid, so much so that it is hurting my eyes and then I have to look away from the screen to re focus…sorry, but making it really difficult for me to use the site.

  • can you please tell me if the various events we advertise on Eventbrite can be colour coded so they stand out more. The events ads on the Events page used to be all orange and now they are all blue. We would like different events to have differnt colours to make it easier for our clients to identify their particular event. Please advise

  • PLEASE change the font and the color of the font so there is more contrast (in terms of font line width and a higher contrast with the page).
    This is becoming a medical problem for not only me but for others whose eyes are embedded in bodies older than 40.
    Black and White are the best and highest contrast. As you mute the white, think about NOT muting the black to a grey. have your UI UCD folks get a sample group of all ages and corrective lenses and have these folks use the site for an extended period of time. And NO the ZOOM function is not an option, it makes for an even more annoying problem of screen flash and cursor wanderings

  • These are important considerations—glad you pointed them out, Mike. Will discuss with our designers. Thanks!

  • I liked the previous colors much better. the orange is too dominant and steals focus of the main thing which is managing events. as your post above reads, being orange is very important to you guys…well…it’s not that important to me 😉 it could be nice if you’d let users choose their color scheme . btw – i love eventbrite – excellent product.

  • I too am having a hard time reading the font. The font looks choppy somehow, and I agree that the greay is not enough contrast.

  • Too much of a good thing is often times great but the orange is really a hard read. Once you reach 40 certain colors become a real challenge. Anything with red or yellow seeem to be the real culprits. Unfortunately orange is a combination of both. Please consider that as you move forward. For you younger folks not a problem but for others it truely is an issue. BTW… black is always a better contrast than the grey.

  • Thanks, Sharrin. We hear your concerns about the orange and gray and are passing along all this feedback to our product and design teams.

  • I LOVE EVENTBRITE! I control all of the registrations for my company. This is on average 2 events a week with 6 major conferences a year. Since we switched over to EventBrite my life has been much easier! This site is user friendly and easy to navigate. I like the eye catching orange. We have also started using features like the countdown widgit and calendar link. I have nothing but positive feedback for EventBrite. Thanks EB team!

  • @Megan – Awesome! Thanks so much for the positive feedback. Glad to hear that you’re loving the product.