A Little Goes a Long Way: Lessons from NYC

Eventbrite NYC Feature 6.2.11

Hi, readers! My name is Staci, Eventbrite’s newest Event Evangelist, and my playground is New York City.

Recently starting in this position, I was a bit overwhelmed with the number of events in NYC each week. As an evangelist, my job is to attend the weekly happenings, classes, parties, seminars and pop-ups happening throughout this amazing city, and to connect with the organizers who make this industry “briter” each day.

This is no easy task, but event planners are a welcoming group and have already taught me so much! Here are a few of my insights a month into painting NYC orange:

Everyone loves a shout-out for their event or cause

There are thousands of events happening in New York each week. So how do the best of the best keep from getting their event lost in the shuffle?

They reach out to their networks to help spread the word. Something as simple as tweeting your followers can make the biggest difference to a planner trying to get their event seen.

Don’t be shy to ask other planners, promoters and Web sites to spread the love for your event. It could be a tweet, blog post, newsletter inclusion or event listing. Everyone I have asked to help out is more than willing to do so. Just be sure to return the favor when someone asks you for the love!

It is the little things that make the biggest impact

I recently met the organizers behind the Girls Who Rock Concert, benefitting the charity She’s the First. Through conference calls, tweets, Facebook posts and even a twitterview (an interview via Twitter), we achieve awareness for their brand, but they also show tons of love for Eventbrite in return. They even posted our logo on their Web site (because they rock!).

While every event is usually in need of sponsorship dollars, take the time to help out for free. You may be surprised at your team’s achievements, even without a limitless marketing budget.

The event industry takes care of it’s own

Since joining the posse of event organizers, I am constantly surrounded by encouraging, helpful and downright amazing people all of the time.

The event industry indeed takes care of its own. They must have taken a page out of the DJ promotion handbook. If you keep up with DJs on the Web, they are constantly giving props to the other guy. In return, the DJs stand out as artists by praising someone else.

It is an awesome thing to watch people in our industry doing the same thing. After attending my first International Special Events Society meeting, it was apparent everyone is here to help each other be more successful. After helping the President of the New York chapter with a few ticketing questions over email prior to the meeting, he took the time to personally introduce me to everyone at the meeting, which was way better than awkwardly walking up to strangers all night.

I’ve held this role for one month, and I still do not know how I am going to attend every event or meet every organizer in New York City. But I do know that with a little effort, a little social media love, and a little time out of my schedule, it will seem easier to achieve!

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