New Year’s Eve is a time to celebrate with family and friends but sometimes not everyone can attend an event in person. A workaround? Celebrate a memorable evening by hosting a virtual New Year’s Eve event!

A virtual party may make it harder for guests to mingle — after all, they can’t wander around greeting old friends and making new ones. But hosting an exciting virtual event is doable with a bit of creativity.

Here are 30 virtual New Year’s Eve party ideas to ensure your event is the highlight of the season.

Celebrating your New Year’s Eve online

A successful virtual New Year’s Eve event focuses on the attendee experience. Are your customers a loud and raucous group looking for a high-intensity celebration? Or, are they more low-key, looking to learn something new while connecting with fellow revelers at midnight? One thing’s for sure, our research shows that these days, virtual eventgoers seek escapism and a sense of community at New Year’s, no matter where they’re located.

Planning your virtual New Year’s Eve event includes deciding on its duration. Do you want it to end before midnight or keep the party going later? Will the event be child-friendly or an adult-only evening?

Lastly, something you want well thought out before the event is technology. Have your audio and visual components ready and tested before the event begins. With that out of the way, keep reading to find fun New Year’s ideas for your event.

1. Throw a big virtual New Year’s Eve party!

It’s not New Year’s without a flashy party. Luckily, a virtual live stream extravaganza can be exciting with the right components. Consider investing in high-quality graphics and sound, a rad itinerary, and musical talent.

It might sound daunting, but you don’t need a ton of experience for this. One retired music teacher created an entire virtual venue during quarantine, and we’ve got tons of tips on making your live stream as seamless as possible on the blog. Not sure which platform to use? We’ve done that research for you, too.

The most successful high-energy live streams are as interactive as possible. The daytime dance party pioneers at Daybreaker saw great success taking their nightclub-style events online, thanks partly to fun themes, curated DJs, and multiple in-event communication channels, from video sharing to live chat. It helps that they sound check for days in advance and often send out participatory items in the mail to attendees, like paper masks and themed décor. When all those aspects come together, you get a big virtual party that feels like a big party.

For your virtual New Year’s party, you could ask guests to follow a fancy dress code, hire a live DJ (or three), and include separate themed (virtual) rooms for participants to check out and interact in. You might even include the cost of a bottle of bubbly in the ticket price and ship one out a week beforehand. Cheers!

2. Make it a dinner party

Thanks to modern technology, your guests can share a meal online. Have everyone use the same recipe. You can also simplify everything by having the meal delivered. Eating the same meal helps everyone feel connected and allows attendees to share the experience.

3. Dance the night away

An online dance party is a classic-meets-modern way to ring in the New Year. Create a playlist before the event to ensure everything goes smoothly. Let your attendees put in their requests. It makes them feel more involved, and your guests are more likely to participate. The music can stream from your computer or guests can choose their own. Eventbrite has many handy tools to ensure your live streaming is a success.

Want to learn more? Check out how Eventbrite Boost helped Toronto-based creator Online Dance Parties explode in popularity.

4. Keep it short and sweet

Instead of trying to organize an all-night virtual New Year’s Eve party, consider hosting a shorter event. You can get everyone together virtually for happy hour or host the event from 11 pm to after midnight.

5. Hold a workshop

Event planners wondering how to celebrate New Year’s online may want to consider hosting a virtual workshop. Some fun event ideas include teaching attendees a new skill or perfecting an old one as part of their New Year’s resolutions.

6. Teach a cooking class

Hosting a cooking class brings everyone together, even at a virtual event. Once the dish is finished, everyone can enjoy the meal. Provide the recipes with your guests’ invitations. You can also have the ingredients delivered as part of a ticket add-on.

7. Cocktail mixing lessons

Teach your attendees how to up their party game with some fancy cocktail moves. Don’t forget about mocktails, either — be sure to have a few recipes that can easily be made non-alcoholic. To keep attendees’ interest and participation high, let guests request instructions on making their favorite beverages. Add the recipes to the invitations or source the ingredients as a ticket add-on.

8. Hold a craft class

Do you have a creative skill? A crafting class is a fun virtual New Year’s Eve event idea. Consider a sculpture or painting class. Jewelry making is another festive idea.

Looking for an add-on? For a small fee, provide the workshop packs with everything included. Depending on the length of the event, you may want to host a follow-up where everyone can show off their creations.

9. Demonstrate floral art

Bring in an expert and hold a class for creating flowering arrangements or succulent terrariums. You can also show how to pot an indoor plant correctly. Your attendees can either watch or participate if you supply them with a list of supplies.

Mentioning the symbolism of flowers helps tie the activity to New Year’s Eve. White flowers symbolize new beginnings and are also the birth flowers for January.

10. Host an online choir

Bring your attendees together for an online sing-along. Give participants the words and musical key before the event to get some practice time. End the action with a rousing rendition of Auld Lang Syne to mark the occasion.

Relax and restore

Who doesn’t need a reset for the New Year? Let your attendees jumpstart their resolutions with a restorative yoga class, sound bath, or group meditation. But a wellness-themed New Year’s Eve event doesn’t have to be subdued — it can be as wild as you like.

For instance, Eventbrite creator Trap Yoga Bae combines trap DJ sets with an engaging vinyasa yoga flow. At the same time, Brooklyn-based witch store Catland recently hosted a “Magic Yoga” class hosted by an intuitive healer and tarot reader. Make your event as low-key or high-energy as possible, and don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

11. Hold a class

Holding a class on stress reduction, fitness, or even a yoga class allows attendees to relax, unwind, and think about their goals for the new year. The class can be as sedate or as exciting as you want. For example, you or your attendees can give tarot card readings.

12. Meditation and mindfulness

New Year’s Eve resolutions often focus on slowing down and taking notice of the world around us. Holding meditation and mindfulness classes can help your attendees start the new year off feeling relaxed and refreshed.

13. Host a sound bath

sound bath uses traditional percussion and wind instruments to create soothing waves of echoing sound. It can help ease stress and fatigue while restoring a sense of well-being. Planning which tools to use before the event helps ensure everything goes something. You can also arrange to stream music from your computer.

Food and drink event ideas for NYE

Take a hint from Murray’s Cheese in NYC, whose virtual cheese tasting classes are a hit. A virtual tasting class is the perfect laid-back yet engaging New Year’s event, whether hosted as an earlier celebration for potential party hosts or a full-blown snack jamboree at midnight. After all, what’s better than a champagne tasting to welcome in the new year?

Send out a list of items to purchase in advance, or better yet, include the evening’s libations with the ticket price and ship them to attendees’ doors in festive-themed packaging. (Pro-tip: Add-on kits like this are proven to increase ticket sales!)

14. Wine flight experiences

Event creators can put together a wine flight experience for attendees. You can focus on whites, reds, or a combination. To ensure attendees have the same wines, include beverage delivery as part of the ticket package. It’s a great way to toast the New Year at midnight.

15. Cheese (or chocolate) and wine pairings

You can make cheese, chocolate, and wine pairing as the focus of your virtual New Year’s Eve event or as an add-on to the ticket price. Don’t forget to send attendees a list of the pairings or include delivery as part of the event.

16. Whiskey or gin tasting

A whiskey or gin-tasting event is similar to wine tasting. Curate a spirits collection that builds on the tasting experience. Both whiskey and gin have rich histories, so you may want to include a keynote speaker knowledgeable about the liquors’ pasts.

Virtual games for New Year’s Eve

Virtual game nights can be as high-stakes or low-key as desired. Consider hosting a trivia night or scavenger hunt, perfectly tailored to the big night with themed questions and equally festive rewards. For something more extravagant, plan a murder mystery party with costume ideas, themed props in the mail, and even an at-home appetizer menu.

Don’t forget to share details about the game, including instructions, so your attendees are ready to play and have fun at your virtual New Year’s Eve party.

17. Virtual video games

Hosting a virtual video game night brings attendees together across different platforms. Ensure attendees have the equipment to play along and try to pick games that work cross-platform.

18. Host a trivia night

Trivia night is a weekly staple at bars and clubs. It’s also an excellent activity for your virtual New Year’s Eve party. Attendees can work as teams or participate individually, but make sure you allow for a few breaks to let everyone laugh and get in a bit of socialization.

19. Virtual scavenger hunt

Hosting a virtual scavenger hunt is a great way to encourage excitement and participation. Plan the list of items attendees need to locate based on their demographics. Get creative with the list! Give participants bonus points for finding unique items, too.

20. Hold a murder mystery night

Murder mystery nights are always popular events. Several companies specialize in online events and offer helpful kits to event creators. Encourage attendees to dress in character, and don’t forget to send the packets before the event date. To keep everyone in the holiday mood, set the deadline to solve the mystery at or slightly before midnight.

21. Virtual escape room

A virtual escape room is similar to an in-person game. Participants solve a series of puzzles to escape from the locked room. You can up the excitement level by starting the game around 11 pm and giving everyone until midnight to solve all of the puzzles.

22. Online bingo

Online bingo games are easy to generate using various tools. You can also go the old-fashioned way and send bingo cards and daubers to your attendees. As the host, don’t forget to dress in a creative costume.

23. Minute-to-win-it games

Minute-to-win-it games are a great way to keep energy levels high at your virtual New Year’s Eve party. Provide participants with instructions to make a costume, draw a picture, or build something, and judge the final results. Remind everyone to keep cameras on so you can verify the winner.

24. Guess the resolution

Break the ice and get the conversation rolling by having attendees guess each other’s New Year’s resolutions. Have your guests write their resolutions down before the guessing starts. At the end of the game, everyone displays their resolutions. Participants guessing correctly can win a door prize.

25. Never Have I Ever…this year

With the focus on saying goodbye to the current year, have guests share something they did not do over the past 12 months. This activity helps break the ice and participants can learn more about each other. It’s a good idea to set guidelines to prevent the game from becoming inappropriate.

Present something

Putting on a presentation can bring your group together and keep them engaged throughout your virtual New Year’s Eve event. Consider your timeframe and whether you want something attendees can replay after your party.

26. Make a slideshow

A virtual slideshow is a great way to engage with your New Year’s Eve attendees. The slideshow can be on a topic you’re passionate about or a collection of images supplied by your attendees.

27. Share “Best of…” lists

Your best-of list can bring attendees together by allowing them to reminisce about the previous year. Event coordinators can curate the list or ask attendees to share their lists with other participants.

28. Hire a performer

You can find a performer for almost any type of event. A professional performer creates a festive vibe for your virtual New Year’s Eve party and helps keep everyone engaged. Some options include hiring a comedian or musician, and magicians almost always keep everyone entertained. Virtual all-ages New Year’s Eve events may want to consider bringing in child-friendly entertainment.

Ring in the New Year

Chances are, the highlight of your virtual New Year’s Eve event is when the clock strikes midnight. You may want to schedule family-friendly activities earlier in the evening before switching to more mature themes.

29. Set a virtual countdown clock

Keep your attendees focused on your event by displaying a virtual countdown clock, which ensures event participants don’t miss the countdown to the New Year. You can display multiple countdown clocks if your partygoers are in different time zones.

30. Stream the ball drop

For many, a New Year’s Eve tradition is watching the ball drop in Times Square. Streaming the ball drop will get everyone excited for the new year. You can also live stream ball drops from around the world — it’s a sure way to build anticipation and keep energy levels up.

Celebrate in style

However you celebrate New Year’s Eve at your virtual event, Eventbrite has the tools and technology you need to create the ideal get-together.

Discover everything you need to know about hosting, creating, and promoting a virtual New Year’s Eve event here.