For a busy venue, every hour counts. But according to a survey of nearly 50 venues, the average venue employee spends between 1 and 4 hours every day on booking and ticketing alone. That’s a large portion of an employee’s day — spent on largely mundane tasks.

And to add more frustration, venue managers struggle with keeping track of information. They use a variety of systems that force them to repeat tasks. Here’s how an integrated venue management platform can increase your staff’s efficiency — and even bring in more attendees.

Save your staff time

Tools built for managing corporate meeting schedules (or their old school equivalents) are slowing down an already complex booking process.

In a recent survey, 70% of venues said they still use a tool that wasn’t built for venues — like Google Calendar — and nearly a third still rely on a paper calendar. Thankfully, a venue management platform can help reduce stress and save your staff time.

  • Create holds in seconds — Your booking calendar should let you view holds and shows in real-time, so you don’t overlook or fail to enter any changes. Find a platform that lets you create a hold and rank its priority. Bonus points if it’s mobile-optimized — that’ll help you add holds on the go.
  • Confirm show and schedule announce date without entering data twice — To confirm a show in your venue management platform, you should be able to easily add door times and the announce date and time. All the other information you entered while creating your hold can then populate automatically.
  • Store all the show documents in one place for the entire team — Once you’re confirmed, you can keep track of contracts, bios, payment, offer sheets and more in each show’s sandbox. Use your platform’s activity log for security and accountability, so you’ll always know who on the team is behind each change.

No more toggling between tools or re-entering data in each system. Instead, store pre-production notes for each show in one central, secure place. You’ll avoid wasting time searching your inbox or texting everyone on the team to find requests from your entertainment.

Sell more tickets

More than half of venues spend more than two hours on marketing for every show. But 40% of them have less than $200 budgeted to promote each show.

That means every second counts — and the less you have to spend re-entering information or searching for ticketing data, the more you can spend making sure every show sells out. Here’s how to save time on launch and promotion.

  • Don’t waste time pushing each show live. Choose technology that allows you to manage every aspect of your show within a single interface. Stop starting over at each stage of the booking, announce, and ticketing process.
  • Track promotion and share ticket counts. If your information is spread out across multiple sources, if might take your hours to get back to an agent with updates and show statuses. Look for a partner who can keep your information in one place. That way, you can stay on top of your progress with real-time orders, ticket counts, and sales data on your phone and online.

When your venue and show information is entered automatically, you reduce room for error. And with automatic reminders to complete your ticketing information before the on-sale date, you can say goodbye to angry texts from agents one minute after the show was supposed to go live.

Seasoned venue owners have saved their team more than 60 hours per month on booking and ticketing by adopting a platform. That’s fifteen extra hours every week you could dedicate to strengthening relationships with comedians, selling out events, and planning for the future.

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