You’ve put the hard work into setting up a fantastic calendar of events for 2022. Now it’s time to start selling tickets and reach new customers before the year is out. “But how?” we hear you ask. Well, one way you can boost sales is by promoting your tickets as event gifts for Christmas.

Everything is at our fingertips these days, so giving unique, personal presents has become even more important. This is where event gifts really shine. Plus, as the world reopens after the pandemic, many people are looking for fun and exciting experiences to gift loved ones this Christmas.

With a plethora of events to choose from, you’ll need to give customers a reason to select yours as the perfect present. Instead of trying to compete with all of those different events, focus on your target customer when you plan your Christmas marketing. For instance, if your event appeals to children, think of ways to present it as a Christmas gift experience for families. Or, if you’ve created a romantic experience for two, consider promoting it to people searching for event gifts for couples.

The power of promoting events to give as gifts

Encouraging people to buy early bird tickets as Christmas gifts for friends and family can kick-start your New Year cash flow. Getting advanced sales also means you can better project your final event costs and budget more effectively. Meanwhile, those buying your tickets as presents get to offer the gift of experience.

Event gifts are the gifts that keep on giving. Not only do they give the recipient something to look forward to after the excitement of Christmas has died down, but they also give them memories they can cherish forever. Plus, if they have a fantastic time at your event, they’re much more likely to buy tickets in the future or recommend you to friends and family.

5 ways to sell event gifts for Christmas

Want to start promoting your event tickets as experience Christmas gifts? From selling on Facebook to setting up discounts, we take a look at five tactics for securing festive ticket sales to make sure you and your customers have a very merry Christmas.

1. Create a Christmas bundle

Everyone likes a full stocking on Christmas morning, so make sure your offering is a generous one by bundling bonus items with your tickets. You can give gift-buyers more for their money by including additional items like merchandise, privileges or experiences.

Tried and tested ideas for merchandise include stickers, posters, keyrings, baseball caps, or T-shirts. Books and music also make great add-ons and can be offered as digital downloads. Privileges, meanwhile, could be things like priority entry, free drink tokens, premier seats, and access to exclusive areas. A Christmas bundle will particularly appeal to customers looking for family event gift ideas, so make sure to come up with some extras for children too.

Offering special experiences for your gift buyers will really sweeten the deal. For inspiration, check out ‘An Experience With‘ events. They offer a variety of packages at different price points to suit a range of budgets, with the option to meet the star of the show, enjoy a three-course dinner and have a professional photo taken with a special guest. Make sure to write a detailed description of each ticket type highlighting exactly what’s included on your listing.

2. Offer Christmas event discounts

Much like you would offer an early bird discount to encourage advance sales at other times of the year, it’s a good idea to incentivize Christmas buyers with a money-off deal. You can create a special event discount code for people to use during December, such as “XMASLOVE”. This gives them the opportunity to get tickets at a reduced price. Depending on the price range on offer, you can offer a fixed or proportionate discount — £5 off or a percentage discount of 20% off, for example.

Going to an event with a friend often adds to the experience, so creating a buy-one-get-one-free deal can work well. You can set this up by creating a half-priced ticket and then requiring that it’s purchased in multiples of two. This gives people the option to either gift a pair of tickets or give one away to a friend and keep the other for themselves, so they can attend the event together. This “shared experience” pitch is a really nice one to feature in your marketing — it’s so much more meaningful than giving another toiletries gift set that might just sit in the cupboard.

If you have a range of events on offer, you could get into the Christmas spirit by offering a new discount for every day of advent. In the run-up to Christmas, your followers will keep an eye on your social channels to find out what discount event tickets they can get their hands on that day. For instance, you could offer a group discount on one day, then offer a multi-event discount to email subscribers the next. There are a number of ways to discount events, so get your festive thinking cap on.

3. Sell Christmas event tickets on Facebook

Facebook is not only a fantastic platform for promoting your event but for selling tickets directly too. Facebook events allow followers to buy event tickets directly, without ever having to leave the platform, which can offer a great user experience. That’s not just because of the reduced friction that lets people buy in the moment, but also because the platform’s algorithms highlight events to geolocated users who might be interested. This handy guide shows you how to add Eventbrite tickets to Facebook events.

To sell event tickets on Facebook, you need to grab the attention of individuals and encourage them to buy there and then. You can do this by creating a ticket offer exclusively for people buying on Facebook. If users know they won’t be able to get this special Christmas offer anywhere else, they’re less likely to venture off to other parts of the web and get lost.

Add a time limit to the offer, throw in some paid promotion using Facebook Ads, and you can get the tills ringing while increasing your social reach at the same time.

4. Make event gift vouchers

Nothing beats seeing looks of delight on loved ones’ faces on Christmas Day — this is what your customers are trying to achieve. So, whether it’s an e-voucher or a printed gift card, think about how you can turn your event tickets into an attractive gift.

Your customers might be wondering about the easiest way to gift event tickets — that’s where online gift vouchers come in. Luckily, Eventbrite’s integration with GiftUp! makes selling gift cards online easy. The app automatically syncs the gift cards you sell as discount coupons in your Eventbrite account so you can keep track of your sales. Your customers will then be able to use their gift vouchers to purchase tickets for your event straight away. Plus, you can also personalize gift cards by uploading your event logo and customizing the information that appears on them. Make sure it contains all the details they need and get creative with the way it looks. You could even link to extra content, like music or videos, which recipients can watch to get in the mood for the event.

5. Dream up an experience

Christmas is all about making magical memories. When someone is looking for the perfect gift experience, they want to know that the recipient will have the time of their life at the event. In your event promotion messages, do what you can to highlight how your event is an unmissable experience.

There are a number of ways you can make your event stand out from the crowd. Perhaps you could collaborate with sponsors to offer post-event experiences. The customer will feel like they’re getting more for their money, while the sponsor will benefit from being included in your Christmas event advertisement. Plus, if you’re looking for ideas for how to promote your event on social media, sponsors can often help. Your sponsor is likely to talk about the event on their platforms, enabling you to reach a new audience.

Some ideas for post-event experiences provided by a sponsor include a meal out at a restaurant, theatre tickets, or a spa day. It’s a good idea to work with brands that enhance your event and have a similar target audience. For example, if you want to promote family event gifts, team up with a sponsor that will be able to offer a post-event experience for children.

Take your event promotion to the next level

Event tickets can make wonderful Christmas presents. Whether you’re organizing a concert, festival, workshop, talk or retreat, tapping into the Christmas gift market can pay dividends. So, wrap up a deal, stick a ribbon on top, and start promoting the gift of experience.

If you’re wondering how to promote an event as a Christmas gift, then Eventbrite is here to help. From using Eventbrite Boost — our all-in-one event marketing platform — to setting up discount codes in a matter of minutes, you have all the tools you need at your fingertips. When it comes to discounts, you can easily limit the number of tickets available at the discounted price or track the usage of a promotional code by exporting a usage report. Analysing reports will enable you to assess how well your Christmas campaign is performing, so you can make data-driven decisions.

Ready to get started? See how you can promote your event as gifts for Christmas with Eventbrite’s host of marketing tools.

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