Who needs luck on March 17? St. Patrick’s Day events are sure bets for anyone hosting events. Whether you’re hosting a pub crawl or a Guinness appreciation brunch, a river-dying watch party or an Irish trivia night, your St. Patrick’s Day events are big business. (Unsurprisingly, St. Patrick’s Day is the most popular drinking holiday.) 

Time to aim for that pot of gold. We’ve compiled a list of nine marketing tips to help you promote your events and capture the St. Patty’s Day crowd.

1. Get in front of event-goers with Eventbrite Ads

When 83M unique ticket buyers visited Eventbrite in 2021, you know you’re advertising to active event-goers. With Eventbrite Ads, your event listing gets to the top of the search results on Eventbrite.

2. Hype the experience surrounding your event

At the open mics hosted by Something Dope for the People, participants line up hours ahead of the show to jam on instruments, practice their sets, and bond with fellow creatives. By promoting the line antics on Instagram, Something Dope for the People hypes up their event and their brand. 

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3. Outpace email open rates (by a lot)

With Eventbrite’s premium email marketing tools, creators can see open rates triple those of industry standard. Plus, events promoted with Eventbrite’s Paid Email Marketing campaigns sell on average 4x more tickets*. 

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4. Streamline the purchase process for consumers

That’s the wisdom from The Riot, one of Houston’s hottest comedy clubs. Owner Brian Gendron relies on Eventbrite Ads to “take a hop out of the transaction for the customer.” As Gendron explains, “If you’re using Eventbrite ticketing, Eventbrite Ads is an obvious place for those advertising dollars to go. It’s the closest to the tickets. It’s the closest to the sale.”

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5. Build your brand on social media

Event-centric holidays like St. Patrick’s Day give you the chance to showcase your brand on social media. Decide what social channel — or channels — work best for your goals, post to spread the word about events, and share photos after it was a success. 

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6. Schedule St. Patrick’s Day posts in advance

If LinkedIn is critical to your brand strategy, you’re in luck: With a subscription to Eventbrite’s premium marketing tools, you can schedule your LinkedIn posts ahead of time. Planning those posts now means more time to get your leprechaun on come St. Pat’s.

7. Target ticket-shoppers in minutes  

With Eventbrite Ads, setting up an ad campaign takes minutes and you can target event-browsers by geo and other demographics. Once you decide on campaign length and budget, you’re ready to start tracking results. 

8. Rack up impressive impressions for holiday events 

According to Ittai Geiger, the creator of Drunk Theatre, “Ultimately what I need is for people to land on the event page. The more views I have, the more likely I am to sell out.” To attract ticket-buyers for holiday improv shows, Geiger used Eventbrite Ads to run 10 campaigns — and drive 200k impressions. As Geiger says: “If you want the sold-out house, you better be using all the tools you can to get that sold-out house. And for us, that includes Eventbrite Ads.”

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9. Create a beautiful event listing that attracts attendees

First impressions matter. And Eventbrite’s event listings let you attract potential attendees with carousel images, compelling copy, and more. And using Eventbrite Ads helps more event-seekers find those listings. As Ads user Hayes Law Firm shares: “Eventbrite allows us to have a great-looking event listing that we feel good about sharing. We’re really excited about Eventbrite Ads — they’ve definitely brought in more attendees to the events. Eventbrite has just made the whole process much easier.”

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10. Shamrock and roll ticket sales with paid social ads

When BeerFest Australia used Eventbrite’s premium marketing tools to run ads on Facebook and Instagram, they saw a 6x return on ad spend. And in the time they’ve used Eventbrite’s premium marketing tools, their overall business has grown by 35%.

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*Eventbrite data 5/1/2022 – 12/1/2022 comparing events promoted with Boost’s Paid Email Marketing tool with any event that was not promoted with the same tool.