A Britelight on Renaud Visage

A look into the life of a Briteling.


For CTO and co-founder Renaud, there is no typical day at the office. Take a look at  3 exciting days, in 3 countries, at 3 different events between June 10th-June 12th.

Day 1, 10:15 am Renaud heads to the London office to meet with the team of 30 (and growing).


Day 1, 7:14 pm Renaud presents an award for innovation at the Europas, The European Tech start up awards in London, where Eventbrite was a platinum sponsor.


Day 2, 11:00 AM After flying into Paris, France, Renaud heads to the French Digitale Day, where he met French President, Francois Hollande.


Day 2, 3:50 PM Renaud participates in a panel with other startup founders to discuss “building the perfect product.”


Day 3, 2:10 pm Renaud finishes the whirlwind couple of days speaking in Germany at Frankfurt‘s next B2B Forum, which brings together leaders from B2B businesses, Venture Capital firms and corporations.


Renaud by the numbers 

16 hours spent traveling over the June 10-June 12 window.

8 countries that he has been to so far this year: England, Netherlands, Ireland, France, Spain, Argentina, Germany and the US.

39 conferences and events that Renaud has participated in this year.

primary languages that he uses to program: ASP, Pearl and Python.

169 tickets that Renaud has gotten using Eventbrite.

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