When the COVID-19 global pandemic hit, in-person events were paused and the world was told to stay home and apart. Yet, Eventbrite brought the world together through virtual events. From March to April last year, events related to virtual travel and virtual tours increased 8X on our platform and grew continuously throughout the year. In 2020, Eventbrite issued nearly half a million tickets to these types of events.

When we looked at the year-over-year data comparing March 2020 to March 2021, virtual tour and virtual travel events increased a staggering 41X. Although this growth will likely taper off as we start safely gathering in-person again, virtual travel and virtual tours have enabled people around the globe to experience new places from the comfort of their couches, and have given people access to places they perhaps could never travel to in person, and that’s a trend we hope continues post-pandemic. 

“Eventbrite is a free and easy-to-use platform that helps power big or small, in-person or online experiences,” said Tamara Mendelsohn, CMO at Eventbrite. “It’s the genius of our self-service nature that makes it easy for anyone — artists, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and teachers to use Eventbrite and reach their audiences.” 

Eventbrite creator, The Tour Guy found success pivoting to virtual travel experiences when COVID-19 hit. Pre-pandemic, they delivered unique experiences to vacationers across Europe. But when the pandemic brought international travel to a screeching halt, The Tour Guy found a new way to bring the love of travel and learning to more people and places than ever before by joining Eventbrite. Through our Online Events features, The Tour Guy started giving virtual tours that spanned the globe. In 2020, they hosted over 75 virtual tours and sold over 1,000 tickets through Eventbrite.

Itching to safely travel or connect with your community? Check out the virtual experiences on Eventbrite.

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