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David McCrae

David McCrae is the author of two #1 Amazon bestselling books and a highly acclaimed seminar leader and inspirational speaker who delivers to audiences across the UK. He is a national public speaking champion in his home country of Scotland.

When David lost his dad to cancer at age 22, he realised that he was not making the most of his life, and serving others to his full potential. From this point, he endeavoured to commit fully to life, create transformational impact for others, and to honour the memory of his dad.

His mission is to help people start a new chapter of their lives, and become the Hero of their Story. David empowers people through his Author Your Life seminars and programs, which develops three key principles of Hero, Quest and Characters. He is creating transformation one page and one stage at a time.

David has studied psychology for 11 years in university and in business to discover how to create the change we desire in our lives. He is a graduate of Brendon Burchard’s Experts Academy, the world’s #1 program for Thought Leadership. He has spoken for BBC Radio, Yes Group Worldwide, Success4, Escape the City, The University of Glasgow and the Glasgow Association for Mental Health.