If speakers contribute to the draw of your event, then their bios are essential components of your promotion. Fact is, it’s not enough to simply include educational and background information and point people toward your speaker’s latest projects. Truly impactful bios have a certain je ne sais quoi that captures the reader’s attention and leaves them intrigued. Here are a few tips for crafting a fantastic one for you or a speaker at your event.

1. Outline your experience and education

Of course the basics of your education and experience should be clear in your bio. Just make sure you add a little flair when you’re sharing the details. Rather than just listing the facts, couch it with a bit of editorial that gives a glimpse of insight into who you are and how you think (pro tip: always use third person). Here are two contrasting examples to give you an idea:

What you could write: “Janet attended Howard University from 2008-2011.”

What would engage your reader: “Janet attended Howard University from 2008-2011, where she got her degree in Egyptology (with a minor in puppet arts) and developed an unfortunate addiction to strawberry Kombucha.”

2. Highlight any awards, accolades, or published work

Now is the time to brag on yourself, so don’t omit your proudest accomplishments. Instead frame your bio and your accomplishments in a way that reflects that you are a subject matter expert and have been recognized as such. 

3. Share a unique perspective 

Make sure you insert your personality and perspective into your bio. You want it to be professional and clear but also give insight into who you are. Share a few personal tidbits like your favorite dish…or the fact that you’re an expert axe thrower…

4. Cater to your audience

Know who is reading your bio and make adjustments based on your audience and what would intrigue them about you. If you have a personal story or anecdote relevant to what you’re discussing, allude to it in your bio to give a sneak peak while piquing interest and anticipation for your talk.

5. Keep it brief

Keep length in mind when drafting your bio. While audiences want to know about you, they will likely only scan and review for a minute before moving on to the next. Make sure you put enough in to capture interest and end it at a place that will leave them hooked to hear more from you. Keep it between 100 and 200 words and you’ll be golden.

Since the bio is just a glimpse of your background and expertise, you’ll want to make sure you link to your website or portfolio in case people want to research to learn more about you. Make sure your bio is the teaser to your main content and keep it aligned with the other content you’ve shared with the world. Then be prepared to “wow” when you finally get to engage in person.

After you’ve finished your bio, make sure you use it to post and promote the event. You can start by setting it up here on Eventbrite. 

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