Eventbrite’s Head of Community, Roseli Ilano, shares why building a community for event creators is as important as the communities they build for the world.

Last year, Eventbrite creators brought 290 million people together at 5 million events — that’s one event every six seconds — a staggering statistic that illustrates the power event creators have to shape our communities, our culture, and our future.

As Eventbrite’s new Head of Community, and someone who has dedicated the last decade to building grassroots communities, I’ve seen first-hand the ways event creators can galvanize and inspire. I see that power daily in the events that Eventbrite’s creators host: gatherings that spark authentic human connection, foster moments of personal discovery, or become the catalyst for unlocking creativity.

In the spirit of shaping the future, we’re launching two new initiatives that will empower established and aspiring event creators to do even more: RECONVENE Accelerator and the Creator Collective. They represent the evolution of RECONVENE from an events series to an integrated community platform — one that centers creators and builds with them. We’re laying the groundwork for an interactive space where creators can not only share ideas and grow their skills, but contribute to the growth of others. 

When I reflect on the ingredients that every thriving community has — passionate participation, leadership development, and a shared culture of belonging — I get excited that the community we’re building is centered around those principles. We’re here to empower event creators to make an even bigger impact on people’s lives and the communities they foster. 

Here’s how the RECONVENE platform will come to life in 2022 (and beyond):

RECONVENE Accelerator

Beginning today, we’re making a direct investment in the success of emerging creators by granting five creators $10,000 awards to help launch innovative new event series. Winners will get hands-on mentorship from best-in-class entrepreneurs, such as Elyse Fox (Sad Girls Club), Jocelyn Ramirez (Todo Verde), DJ Skee (Dash Radio), and Koreatown Run Club co-founders Mike Pak and Duy Nguyen. Each winner will participate in an interactive educational curriculum taught by Eventbrite’s executives and product and marketing experts.

We’re looking for the next wave of creative entrepreneurs. Could it be you? Applications close June 6Apply here now.

Creator Collective

We heard directly from Eventbrite creators that they are hungry for opportunities to connect with other creators. The Creator Collective is Eventbrite’s ambassador program for passionate event organizers looking for ongoing networking and education. This inaugural group of 20 creators are leaders in influencing how people come together in San Francisco, Austin, Los Angeles, and New York. Applications for the 2023 cohort will open at the end of the year.


Kicking off on May 3, our drumbeat of educational programming will feature Creative Collective members and creators from around the globe sharing their tips and case studies for success. Whether it’s building a loyal community, upleveling your marketing, or developing strategies for growth, each session will provide unique insights and concrete takeaways. 

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This fall, Eventbrite’s keystone event for event creators returns for year two, this time with a focus on innovation. We’ll invite attendees to examine the big picture, explore new trends, and start to plot out their futures with insights from featured speakers.

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International Workshops

We’ll host in-person gatherings in London, Cork, Melbourne, and Sydney, where participants will have the opportunity to hear from inspirational founders, pitch their new event ideas, and network with like-minded event organizers. Not local to one of those cities? We’ll capture the learnings and share via YouTube. 

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In 2021, we launched RECONVENE to support and inspire the Eventbrite creator community. In 2022, we’re building on your response and enthusiasm to not only inspire, but to partner with our creators to shape how people come together now and in the years ahead. Join us as we RECONVENE again!

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