Scott Keeney — better known as DJ Skee — has collaborated with countless people and brands, including Snoop Dogg, Kylie Jenner, the NBA, and the NFL. On Sundays, for example, the lifelong Minnesota Vikings fan entertains players and fans at home games, where he turns the stadium into a festival-like party.

During Eventbrite’s RECONVENE summit, DJ Skee shared his best advice about how event creators can make space for collaboration — including how to secure partnerships and then ensure that they’re successful.

Read on for a teaser of key takeaways from DJ Skee’s talk. For more in-depth insights, watch the full video below: 

Be clear on the goal of working with partners

“The goal of working with other brands is to enhance and give you the tools and flexibility to do more,” DJ Skee said, and that can come from multiple directions. For example, a partnership can provide you with the resources and support to financially pull off certain events. It also offers cross-marketing, the ability to amplify what you’re doing, and lends a layer of legitimacy to your work.

Figure out what value you bring to them

Kickstarting a collaboration depends on showing your prospective partner what you have to offer them. “These brands get inundated with requests,” DJ Skee said. Think about what you have to offer that can help the brand, as well as the individual you’re speaking one-on-one with — likely a marketing director with their own goals. “How do you make them look good? How do you make their brand look good?” Once you figure that out, you’ll have a better chance of standing out among the crowd.

When you’re pitching, don’t overlook a single detail

Part of securing a partnership hinges on delivering a very “buttoned-up, tight” pitch, DJ Skee said. “I focus on every little detail.” Find a nice template for your pitch presentations, and “make sure the aesthetic looks right,” he said. Consider investing in an official domain email address for your events organization, rather than using a free email service like gmail or hotmail. And make sure you don’t have any typos and that your presentation is well-organized.

Look for things you have in common

When you’re hoping to score a new partnership, identify the right target person to contact — and then look for things you have in common. Because DJ Skee is from Minneapolis, he always looks for a Minnesota connection, or for others who love music. “Do research on what that person likes and is into,” he advises. Then, when you find similarities, leverage them in order to form a strong connection.

Focus on retaining clients

Client retention is far more important than bringing in new clients, DJ Skee stressed: “Once you get them, you don’t want to lose them. If you do something subpar that doesn’t make them look like rockstars, they’re likely going to move on.”

The takeaway is to go above and beyond on executing your collaboration. Do more than what you promised, and chances are, the relationship will not only continue but will evolve and thrive.

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