Mother’s Day is on May 14, and it’s the perfect time to pamper mom.

As an event creator, Mother’s Day gives you the perfect opportunity to organize in-person and virtual events where people can celebrate. We’ve come up with some Mother’s Day event ideas to help your attendees express their appreciation for the mother figures in their lives.

How do I organize Mother’s Day events?

Thinking about your audience is an excellent place to start. By their very nature, Mother’s Day events should focus on moms and motherhood, but these words can mean different things to different people. Your event can reflect that. Think more broadly about the caregivers in our society — they include biological mothers, stepmothers, adopted mothers, foster mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunties, single mothers, and more.

Inclusion and diversity at your event

Hosting free Mother’s Day events is a wonderful way to unite your community. Make sure everyone can access your event, and that cultural diversity is respected — accessible and inclusive events mean no one is left out, which helps you gain credibility as a responsible event planner.

Not everyone can attend in-person events, so you can also consider a virtual event.

Plan community events

Since Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to plan community events, you could consider working with local businesses or partnering with local craftspeople. It’s a way of enhancing your event’s quality and can help benefit the wider community.

With all that in mind, we’ve come up with many ideas for hosting a Mother’s Day event that you can adapt to ensure attendees have the best experience.

5 Mother’s Day event promotion ideas

Your Mother’s Day event will be one of many in town. You’ll have competition, so you want to promote your event well before May 14. Here are a few ways to inform attendees about your upcoming event.

Get the timing right

Timing is everything. You don’t want to start promoting your event in January, but you also don’t want to wait until the week before the big day. By then, people often already have plans. Promoting your event a month or so beforehand gives everyone a chance to mark it on their calendars.

Create an email series

Creating an email series lets attendees know about your upcoming Mother’s Day event and reminds them when the date is getting close. While you want to avoid inundating event-goers with too many emails, sending an announcement a month or so before the date is a good idea. A few reminders during the lead-up ensure your guests remember and reserve the date.

Promote local events offline

Flyers can help you advertise community events. Posters are also an effective way to let attendees know about resident events.

Organize a social media takeover

Working with familiar brands, you can organize a social media takeover. You can temporarily post content about your Mother’s Day event on the various brands’ profiles. It allows you to reach a larger target audience.

Host a giveaway

Giveaways grab people’s attention. You can offer giveaways that require entrants to share the event with their friends. Another idea is to enter every ticket holder into a giveaway.

Unique ways to celebrate Mother’s Day

You can host many events to celebrate — here’s a selection of unique Mother’s Day activities to get you thinking.

1. Cooking or baking masterclass

A cooking or baking demonstration gives guests the chance to learn new recipes and sample the results. Invite local experts to provide a masterclass, such as the macaron-baking class organized by Chef Roy. Or you could base your theme around a specific cuisine.

2. Afternoon tea

Afternoon tea is the perfect treat. If the moms you’re catering to enjoy wine, serve your sandwiches and scones with a glass of prosecco. Entertain with your tea. Consider using a group similar to the Columbus Modern (CoMo) Dance Company, which staged dance performances during their last event.

3. Mother’s Day brunch

Brunch has become more popular than ever, and depending on your guests, bottomless brunch is even better. Choose a brunch that caters to the interests of the moms you’re treating, such as a jazz brunch like the one that IE Divas Connect hosted.

4. Pop-up shops and displays

Allow businesses to tempt your guests by showcasing their products. Local shops selling clothes, jewelry, and crafts all work well here.

5. Wine tasting

Wine-tasting events lend themselves to Mother’s Day. Take inspiration from creators such as the bar The Renaissance of Tiffin, which hosted a wine-tasting event with a local winery. This year, they’re hosting a whisky-tasting event.

6. Cocktail class

Dust off those cocktail shakers. Invite a mixologist to teach your guests the latest cocktail recipes.

7. Gin making

Flavored gins are all the rage. Provide tasters and recipes, or better still, partner with a local distillery to host a gin making class.

8. Foods from around the world

To celebrate different cultures, invite local suppliers to set up food stalls. Negotiate so that mom gets a special treat.

9. Pamper session

Moms deserve some downtime, and who doesn’t enjoy some pampering? Work with local businesses to provide pampering treats such as pedicures and manicures, makeup classes, or massages.

10. Dance workshops

Teach moms some new moves, and have a few giggles, with the help of an instructor and a local venue.

11. Karaoke

Allow moms to take center stage, whether in person or at home. An old-fashioned sing-along is a crowd-pleaser, too.

12. Dinner cruise

Organize a river cruise or partner with a business offering boat trips to give moms a unique dining experience.

13. Art exhibition

Host an art exhibition focusing on parenthood or caregiving.

Mother’s Day craft event ideas

Creating something together is a special experience. Here are some ideas to help you plan your Mother’s Day event.

1. Flower arranging

Spring is in the air, and nothing says Mother’s Day like fresh-cut flowers. Work with your local garden center to give a demonstration where every mom gets a discounted plant or packet of seeds.

2. Gardening masterclass

In the same way, organize a gardening masterclass with an expert on hand to give moms useful tips and advice.

3. Pottery painting

Pottery painting is a lovely way to get the whole family involved. The ticket price can include decorating an item of pottery to take home.

4. Painting class

A painting class lets attendees have fun and get creative. Stacia Coleman is hosting a pre-Mother’s Day sip-and-paint brunch with a DJ, door prizes, and the opportunity to make personalized aprons.

5. Soap or candle-making class

Scented candles and soap make treasured gifts. Provide an instructor and all the ingredients for this relaxing activity. Combining it with lunch makes the day extra special.

6. Scrapbooking workshops

Encourage moms to bring in their family photos. They can organize old albums and create new ones while enjoying memories and having a few laughs.

7. Sewing lessons

Bring in an instructor to teach moms new stitches and sewing techniques.

8. Printmaking classes

Teach moms and attendees how to print using traditional techniques. Guests can make creative and original Mother’s Day cards.

Mother’s Day community event ideas

Bring the entire community together with these fun Mother’s Day event ideas.

1. Mother’s Day picnic

Elite Experience Events Cultural Organization previously hosted a Valentine’s brunch in Dallas, Texas, which included food, drinks, and shopping. Guests got to choose between a regular admission ticket or the VIP experience. The brunch was paired with a craft fair featuring vendors from all over Texas. These ideas translate perfectly to a Mother’s Day event.

Meanwhile, Crowned Goddesses organized a pop-up shop event in Chicago that spotlighted small, Black-owned businesses. The event included cocktails, hors d’œuvres, and a chance to win a Mother’s Day basket. Perks like these create more of a draw for folks who want to support local businesses.

Moms also got in free to the Mother’s Day event at Green Meadows Farm Brooklyn. Families could pack a picnic and set up in the farm’s beautiful open area. Parents got to lounge while the kids enjoyed a candy hunt, tractor rides, and a visit to the farm’s various baby animals.

2. Film screening

Watching a movie together is a bonding experience. Screen a movie that resonates with your audience. Popcorn and hot dogs are optional.

3. Farmers market

Whether indoors or outdoors, farmers markets can be a great way to showcase local produce and for moms to pick up a few treats. Make sure there are lots of tasty snacks to sample, too.

4. Yappy hour

Moms often view their dogs as family members. Celebrate pet parents in the community by hosting a dog-friendly event.

5. Mother’s Day fun run

Pick a local charity and organize a short, fun run. Event attendees can help raise money for charity while enjoying themselves and exercising.

6. Nature trail

Organize a nature walk in a garden or park that families can enjoy together.

7. Charity fashion show

Raise funds for a relevant, local charity with a fashion show celebrating moms. The theme can be maternity wear and aimed at moms-to-be.

Mother’s Day resident event ideas

Here are some ideas for residents of apartments or assisted living facilities.

1. Keep fit class

Host an exercise class for moms who prefer the more active approach to blow off steam. Aerobics, step, Zumba? Think about what your guests might like, recruit local instructors, and turn up the volume.

2. Mother’s Day raffle

Offer entertainment and prizes for your Mother’s Day event. This can generate excitement and encourage participation.

3. Celebratory grill

Set up a grill with tables and umbrellas so attendees can socialize before, during, and after the meal.

4. Iced tea bar

Setting up an iced tea bar is a more relaxed version of afternoon tea. Residents can chat over the icy beverage.

5. Celebrate with sundaes

It’s easy to get everyone to connect over ice cream sundaes. Don’t forget to bring the toppings!

6. Game night

Think of games older residents will enjoy. Some examples include bingo, bridge, and rummy.

Virtual Mother’s Day event ideas for special experiences at home

Many in-person events can be adapted to accommodate your virtual guests, but here are a few more ways to get them involved.

1. Offer Mother’s Day treats

A cooking class is a good opportunity to learn new techniques, even for folks who are already wizards in the kitchen. Vegan Lifestyle Coach Christina Gdisis’ vegan Mother’s Day brunch event taught attendees how to prepare a delicious plant-based menu. Participants got the ingredient list several days before the class so they could find all the ingredients. Then, on the day of, they could simply log into the Zoom class and get cooking.

Some creators offer cooking classes focused on making treats to give as a gift. The free virtual cooking classes hosted by Homemade Events teach guests how to prepare diverse meals, including crispy chicken and avocado alfredo, or turkey chili with skillet cornbread.

2. Online retreat

Most people need some extra relaxation these days. Creators such as Britt & Ray Wellness Retreats responded to that need with an online Mother’s Day retreat. They sent out supplies before the event, facilitating graceful strength training and flexibility movements, aromatherapy, meditation, and a burn ceremony.

3. Virtual Mother’s Day bingo

Themed events are a fun way to celebrate holidays. Christ the King Church hosts special sessions of bingo for holidays like Mother’s Day. Consider hosting other Mother’s Day games, from Scrabble tournaments to poker specials.

4. Virtual brunch

Before the event, send a list of tasty recipes and liaise with local businesses for concessions on ingredients.

5. Chocolate tasting

Chocolate and Mother’s Day are a natural pairing. Take inspiration from Chocotastery‘s virtual chocolate tasting. Send attendees the chocolate they’ll be sampling ahead of time and consider including ideas for food and drink accompaniments.

6. Virtual relaxation session

Invite moms to partake in mindfulness in the comfort of their own homes. Partner with an instructor who can lead the session and give relaxation tips. Providing goodies such as candles or essential oils helps to set the scene.

7. Yoga class

Led by a yoga teacher, your guests can learn how to master the moves and breathing that bring inner peace.

8. Virtual exercise class

Livestream a session where moms can work out together. Remember to cater to all abilities and include a cooldown.

9. Virtual Mother’s Day mall

Help attendees pick the perfect Mother’s Day gift with a virtual mall, like the one hosted by Chic Events DC.

10. Panel discussion

Bring panelists together to discuss topics relevant to motherhood.

Online cultural Mother’s Day event ideas

Celebrate different cultures with these Mother’s Day event ideas.

1. Expert speakers

Whether it’s a local historian or an intrepid traveler, listening to a passionate speaker brings attendees on the journey without having to leave their living rooms.

2. Literary event

Reading is the perfect way for moms to get time to themselves. Invite an author to read to guests, or host a book appreciation event.

3. Virtual concert

Livestream local musicians or singers to bring the community together around moms.

4. Online quiz

Theme your quiz around moms or influential women. Think of fun prizes for the winners or pledge to donate to a chosen charity.

5. Virtual photographic exhibition

Choose a topic you know your guests will enjoy. Better still, ask them to send in photographs and stage an online exhibition.

Mother’s Day online workshop ideas

Here are some fun ideas to engage moms online during their special day.

1. Jewelry-making class

Jewelry making is a way for moms to treat themselves or for others to make them something special. Send attendees the materials needed and help them get creative.

2. Beauty masterclass

Host an online class with hair and makeup tips for moms of all ages. Free samples of products always go down well.

3. Fashion tips

Invite local businesses to give fashion advice and tips on the latest trends. Livestream a fashion show, and your virtual guests will feel like they’ve got a front-row seat.

4. Flower fun

You can involve flowers online, too. Send your floral kits to participants’ doors before the event.

5. Virtual crafting for kids

Mother’s Day is a chance to celebrate family connections, so it makes sense to get the kids involved too. Creator Kelly Sansone did just that with a virtual crafting event where kids could make gifts for the important women in their lives. The class was geared toward children ages three and up, and the instructor taught children how to make a card and a gift for Mother’s Day using materials shipped out before the event.

6. Vegan cooking class

Hold a vegan or vegetarian cooking class where moms can have fun creating new, unique, healthy dishes with their children and families.

Planning a Mother’s Day event?

Mother’s Day is a special time for families to celebrate. Sign up for Eventbrite and let us help you plan and promote a perfect Mother’s Day event.