Did you know that a whopping 89% of event-goers use search when deciding whether or not to attend an event?

Google has always been a powerful tool for drawing attendees to your event. But in the past, people had to know what to search for in order to find your page quickly. For example, someone familiar with your event would Google your event name or search a specific term like “June food festival in Philadelphia” to find your event in their search results.

Thanks to a recent Google Search update,* it will be much easier for searchers to discover events they weren’t aware of before. This means that your event will now be much easier to find by people who are looking for something to do — but aren’t sure exactly what yet.

And if you use Eventbrite, you’re one step ahead of the update. Google partnered with Eventbrite and a handful of other ticketing providers (just to start) for the initial launch. Now, when someone searches for something to do, your at-a-glance event details will show up in a skimmable list. For instance, if you are in Salt Lake City, and you search for “art events this weekend,” you get something like this:

google search update events


Each event listing includes the name of the event, the date, the location, and — key — a direct link to the ticketing provider for speedy ticket purchase. And by tapping on “more events,” users can get an expanded list of local events.

You can click through to a comprehensive list of local events, and use the filters to customize your options. If it’s Tuesday and you’re looking for something to do on Saturday, you can easily narrow in on that specific day.

For users who don’t know what they want to do, but know they want to do something, typing in “events near me” in the Google search bar will instantly bring up a general list of local events:

google search update events

This new Google feature is a definite boost for event organizers, especially those who struggle with SEO (search engine optimization). You don’t have to be an expert at keywords and content marketing to help people find your event. You just have to have an event listed on one of the participating ticketing providers’ sites.

Google is getting better and better at giving people exactly what they want — even if they don’t know what they want. And as a partner dedicated to helping event-goers discover and buy tickets to your events, we’re proud to be a part of this initial rollout.

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*The new feature is available starting today in the U.S. on mobile web and the Google app for both iOS and Android devices.

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