Eventbrite SpectrumIf you’ve used Eventbrite to organize an event, you know that we partner with different complementary services to deliver a more useful event management product to our event organizers.

By collaborating with other software leaders, we’ve built an ecosystem of over 130 available extensions that open new possibilities for your events and make life easier for you. This initial approach has served our customers well, with over 105,500 Eventbrite users leveraging an API extension in 2014.

We used to talk about our extensions as distinct entities but as our directory has grown, we’ve built something more powerful — the world’s most connected event platform. We’re calling this Eventbrite Spectrum.

Eventbrite Spectrum goes far beyond just a new brand, we’re also introducing a new way for partners to build for Eventbrite customers. This new framework offers a simpler and more consistent experience for our organizers, while also bringing our partners front-and-center into the product.

With Eventbrite Spectrum, an event’s ‘Manage’ tab now offers 15 extensions that integrate directly into your dashboard. Seeing is believing, so check out some GIFs of the experience below:

Spectrum demos 4

Here is the integration for Custom Badges by ConferenceBadge.com:

Conference badge demo


Here is another integration, for Live Polling by Slido:

Slido demo


And lastly, here is an integration that allows you to add beautiful Speaker Lists by Sched:

Speaker List demo


For now, this is available for U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Singapore users, but we’ll be launching to more international domains soon — if you’re an international partner that is looking to learn about launch opportunities, then don’t hesitate to reach out.

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