Imagine a foodie browsing Instagram for some culinary inspiration. She sees a photo on her feed about your upcoming wine tasting event and wants to find out more — but there’s no link on the post.

She clicks on your business’s profile instead, only to find a messy URL at the bottom of your bio that takes her to a list of events she can barely read on her phone. Overwhelmed, she closes the window and returns to browsing other posts in her feed.

Is this the experience you’re providing tickets buyers with on Instagram?

Instagram has 800 million active monthly users, and over 200 million of them visit a Business profile each day. But getting these millions of users to follow your account is not your only objective. The goal is to sell tickets — and that won’t happen unless you’re strategic about how you use the platform.

Make it easy for Instagram users to buy tickets

Until now, event creators could only add their website’s URL to their Instagram profile. You had to rely on people clicking on this tiny URL in your Instagram bio to view your ticketing page. But thanks to a new partnership with Instagram, event creators who use Eventbrite can now add a “Get Tickets” button to their business profile.

This new “Get Tickets” button lets potential ticket buyers go directly to your event listing page on Eventbrite. This clear, visual button for Instagram browsers will drive more traffic to your listing. Find out how to add this button in Instagram’s Business Settings in this article.

With this clear button and a new streamlined purchase process, event-goers on Instagram can buy tickets in a couple easy steps. As an event creator, you’ll also be able to:

  • Drive attendance with a simplified checkout

Once event-goers click the “Get Tickets” button on Instagram, their name and email will already be auto-filled in the checkout from their Instagram account. This means event-goers won’t have to re-enter their name or email, making it easier for them to buy. 

  • Easily track sales from Instagram

With Eventbrite, you can track these ticket sales from Instagram on your Event Dashboard. This makes it easy to stay informed and make better business decisions about your advertising spend on Instagram. You can also see the impact of posting on Instagram by the time of day or week in your analytics report.

turn instagram users into attendees
  • Efficiently grow your audience

Instagram is one of the largest drivers of web traffic to Eventbrite. And that traffic isn’t only driving awareness — it’s driving purchases. Out of the 200 million people who check out brand profiles daily on Instagram, 30% of them have purchased something that they first saw on Instagram. 

To get started, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to best use the Instagram integration. Or, to learn more about how you can make Instagram one of your highest performing sales channels, check out The 2018 Guide to Instagram for Event Marketing.

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