When you’re hosting classes, workshop, seminars, or webinars, you’re constantly managing an ever-growing checklist of tasks to complete.

With so many events in motion at once, you always have too much to do — and not enough time to do it. That’s why you need to free yourself from the repetitive tasks that come along with managing multiple events at the same time.

The answer lies in automation, says Isaac Freeman, President of Aurora Training Advantage, a professional training company that specializes in live online webinars. If you do things manually, “you max out your capabilities and see far too many errors,” says Freeman.

To make his team — and his business — more efficient, Freeman relies on these three automated features from his registration partner. Here’s how you can do the same to streamline your management.

1. Best-in-class search engine optimization

If you’re looking for a cost-effective (and automatic) promotional tactic, you’ll want to look for a registration partner with a best-in-class SEO strategy.

Leverage your partner’s SEO to make sure that your event listing ranks highly in Google’s results when people search for upcoming events. This is automatic, so you don’t need to devise a brand new SEO strategy for every single class, workshop, or webinar that you host.

2. An incredibly easy registration experience

You put hours of effort into your marketing strategy. But a difficult registration experience could be deterring potential attendees from registering for your events. When signing up for classes and webinars, your attendees don’t want to complete captcha tests, create an account, or suffer through a “pinch-and-zoom” experience on their phones.

That’s why you need a registration partner who automatically knocks down those barriers for you. Make sure there are no unnecessary steps and that the checkout process is built for phones.

According to Freeman, who uses Eventbrite, this simple checkout not only benefits his attendees but also alleviates work for his team.

“Not only do our customers love Eventbrite’s intuitive interface, but our team loves it too. The purchase process is so smooth that we rarely have any customer support needs.”

3. Automated email communication with attendees

Now that customers can easily find and register for your event, you need a way to manage communications with all those attendees. Look for a registration partner that automates this process for you.

If you use Eventbrite, registrants will automatically receive confirmation and reminder emails. You can customize these emails to include all the necessary information that they’ll need to attend your class, workshop, or webinar — from parking details for in-person classes to log-in instructions for online webinars.

Get an inside look at Aurora Training Advantage’s strategy

Aurora Training Advantage has seen nearly 10X growth in revenue since adding automation into their workflows. “Between our team and Eventbrite, everything is set up to help us grow. The technology has allowed us to set ourselves up to be super scalable,” says Freeman. “Automation helped us get there.”

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Read the full interview to learn How Aurora Training Advantage Grew Revenue 10X By Leveraging Automation.

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