Free Guide: How to Achieve a Stronger Fundraising Event ROI

Free Guide: How to Achieve a Stronger Fundraising Event ROI

fundraising event ROI

Not only is the metric for assessing fundraising event ROI different than the metric for other types of events, but so is the strategy you use to maximize ROI for successful fundraising events.

If you’re running a sporting or entertainment event, your goal is pretty clear: maximize profit through ticket sales and concessions. For successful fundraising events, it’s slightly more complex. While you need to think about generating funds from other sources such as sponsorships, auctions and donations, your focus will also still be on maximizing ticket sales.

Money, however, isn’t the whole story when you’re talking about ROI for a successful fundraising event. You also must consider the effect of your efforts to raise public awareness about the specific cause, issue or organization related to your fundraiser. Your success at raising awareness will hinge on factors such as how well you access media channels, generate publicity, improve understanding of your mission, and educate the public.

To maximize ROI for successful fundraising events, consider two key objectives within your strategy: maximizing ticket sales and leveraging social media to maximize awareness.

Our free report, Maximizing ROI for your Fundraising Event, shows you how to:

  • Generate early buzz and keep the conversation going
  • Get an earlier commitment to attend from your supporters
  • Learn how each supporter can reach on average 17,000 people
  • Create incentives to drive earlier ticket sales
  • Solicit donations while the iron is hot
  • Get feedback from your supporters
  • Capitalize on post-event buzz


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