The old adage, “If you build it, they will come” typically only applies to Hollywood movies and infamous music festivals. Everyone else has to earn their audience — and this is especially true for event organizers.

To sell out your event, and sell out early, you’re going to need a good email marketing strategy. Not only is email a direct line to potential attendees, 91% of people check their email every day — making it an optimal channel to build your audience.

We sat down with the email masterminds at Emma to find out how they used an email strategy to sell registrations earlier. Flip through the slides or skip to the text below for their seven top tips for a successful email marketing strategy.

Event email marketing tip #1: Create subject line FOMO (fear of missing out)

Subject lines that create urgency get the most opens. Let customers know you’re offering a limited early bird special or that tickets are almost gone.

Event email marketing tip #2: Brand consistently

Consistent branding doesn’t mean every email needs to look the same, but a cohesive look and feel lets recipients know who it’s from and recall previous emails they’ve received.

Event email marketing tip #3: Create visible CTAs (call-to-actions)

It goes without saying that your CTAs should inspire action, but what’s more important is that they are seen. Make CTAs stand out by separating them from your email copy. Use a contrasting color from the rest of your design.

Event email marketing tip #4: Resend to people who don’t open

Don’t be afraid to send another email to people who didn’t open the first one. People are busy. A friendly reminder will inspire them to open the email and take action.

Event email marketing tip #5: Use highly targeted emails to convert

Everyone likes to feel special. Send personalized emails to specific groups or individuals with an exclusive promo offer. It says, “This event is for people like you!”

Event email marketing tip #6: Build anticipation with attendees

Providing relevant, helpful information to ticket holders and registrants not only builds anticipation, it may even get them to bring a friend.

Event email marketing tip #7: Always analyze and optimize

If things are off to a slow start, don’t panic. Does the subject line create urgency? Was the email easy to read? Were your CTAs visible? Analyze your data to see what’s working (and what’s not) then optimize for the next email.

Understand event email marketing benchmarks

To make your event email marketing the most effective, you need to pay attention to three key metrics: Your open rate, click-through rate, and unsubscribe rate. On average, event emails tend to see:

  • 26% of recipients open their event emails
  • 4.95% of recipients click links in their event emails
  • 0.8% of recipients unsubscribe to their event emails

Learn how to use each of those metrics to make your event’s email marketing campaigns more effective in the Event Email Marketing Benchmarking Report.

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