Most people celebrate Father’s Day by giving Dad a tie or fancy new gadget. Of course, gifting material items is great, but giving Dad a unique Father’s Day experience is invaluable. As a creator, why not give people the option to celebrate Dad’s special day in a meaningful way? Like Mother’s Day, the holiday presents so many opportunities to make dads feel honored.

Don’t know where to start? We’ve rounded up a few memorable Father’s Day event ideas to give you some inspiration for the perfect celebration. Whether he’s an outdoors enthusiast, beer connoisseur, car lover, or family guy, this list has something for every dad type.

Father’s Day brunch and beer

These Father’s Day events combine some tried-and-tested favorites: food and beer.

1. BBQ Father’s Day brunch buffet

It’s brunch, but with a BBQ twist. Along with serving classic brunch staples like French toast and croissants, you can follow The Maison at Glen Cove‘s lead and have a BBQ station. Theirs are loaded with all of Dad’s grilled favorites.

To organize your own BBQ Father’s Day brunch, scout a few caterers in your area that can supply brunch goodies for the occasion. Or if you’re experienced in the kitchen, you can whip up a menu of dad-friendly dishes and arrange them on a buffet. Some crowd-pleasers include skillet mac and cheese and grab-and-go BBQ pulled pork sandwiches.

Of course, nothing says brunch like mimosas. You can put a Father’s Day twist on this classic brunch drink by substituting champagne for a nice craft beer.

2. Beer tasting event

A beer tasting is a unique way to kick off Father’s Day. To bring this idea to life, scope out a few breweries in your area to host your beer tasting. Their experts can give your attendees insights into the beer, and they could also recommend which beers to feature at your event.

Once you’ve figured out which beers you’re going to highlight, it’s time to decide on the menu. Some mouth-watering beer-inspired goodies include beef sliders and beer-battered grilled cheese bites. Before prepping your food menu, use our online RSVP tool to gauge how many people will attend your beer tasting event. Knowing the number of attendees gives you an idea of how much food you’ll need. This, of course, reduces waste and ensures that there’s enough food for everyone.

A Father’s Day event isn’t complete without décor. So incorporate the beer theme into your decorations. Why not think outside the box and try some beer mug flower arrangements? Your attendees will appreciate creative little touches like this.

Father’s Day outdoor event

Father’s Day coincides with the beginning of summer, so it’s a great opportunity to offer some outdoor activities. Check out these relaxing events for the outdoorsy dad:

3. Boat ride

Arispop‘s Cruise on the Lake hosts a memorable boat ride for Father’s Day. The event comprises a two-hour ride and a three-course meal. Some extra activities include face painting (for the kids) and a comedy performance.

To create your own event, start by renting a boat. You can contract a caterer to provide meals, and, if you’re renting a large boat, you can even hire a chef to prepare the food. Depending on the size of the vessel, you can also incorporate live music from local artists. Start by contacting a band or musician in your area and asking them to provide entertainment for your voyage.

4. Father and child fishing event

Get back to nature and gather the dads in your area for a day of fishing. On behalf of the Bpositive Movement, creator Brandon Horne hosts a Father and Son Great Catch Fishing Experience to celebrate dad’s big day.

Attendees meet up at a local fishing pier and enjoy a fun afternoon with their sons. To make your Father’s Day fishing event happen, scope out a few areas perfect for fishing—this could be a pier or park lagoon.

Add a little more excitement by including some activities and competitions. For instance, you could hold a contest to see which father-child team can catch the largest fish.

Don’t forget to encourage your attendees to post their catches on social media and tag you. If other people see how much fun guests had at your event, they’ll become interested in your next one.

5. Car show

Checking out cool cars is one of the most classically dad ways to celebrate Father’s Day. Car Show California hosts a car show dedicated to all the car-loving parents. The event is free to the public, but participants pay to have their cars showcased.

To organize your own Father’s Day car show, figure out a location first. You can take a page out of Car Show California’s book and host the event at a scenic beach, or you could rent out space at a local auto shop. Hosting your event at an auto-related business adds authenticity to your event. Not to mention, they may even agree to sponsor your car show.

Once you’ve worked out the location logistics, advertise your event. Eventbrite Boost allows you to reach car enthusiasts and let them know about your event. With our platform, you can create ads targeted to your audience’s interests.

Father’s Day fun for the whole family

Although Father’s Day is all about honoring dads and all they do, family events are great for this occasion. Check out these ways to make your Father’s Day event a family affair.

6. Daytime jazz concert and lunch

Chatta Festival of Black Arts & Ideas organizes a Father’s Day celebration that involves dads and their families, where attendees enjoy a day filled with fun, food, and jazz music.

To organize a family event like this one, find a venue in your area large enough for your attendees and a live band. Next, scout local musicians who fit the atmosphere of your Father’s Day lunch and concert. Be sure to create a suitable menu for adults (hello, mojitos) and children (finger foods).

7. Father’s Day pop-up shop

For a lot of people, shopping is a bonding activity — so why not host a Father’s Day pop-up event? Grand Bazaar organizes a pop-up shop that features dad-friendly vendors. The shops specialize in men’s apparel, accessories, and more of Dad’s favorite things.

What’s great about this type of event is that it allows you to celebrate Father’s Day and support local small businesses. To make your pop-up happen, contact shops in your area and ask them to join your line-up of vendors.

Make Father’s Day something to remember

Material gifts are often forgotten, but unique Father’s Day experiences are indispensable. A ticket to one of the events on this list is an awesome way for families to honor the extraordinary men in their lives. Plan an event that dads will never forget with Eventbrite.

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