Attracting quality candidates to your organization isn’t easy. Competition for the best people is fierce. And when anyone can post a job ad in minutes, it’s difficult to convince the right people to join your company.

Recruitment events are a powerful way to attract top talent and demonstrate why candidates should choose your organization. But a generic job fair isn’t going to help you discover rockstar employees.

Instead, try these creative ideas to spice up — and see more results from — your recruitment events.

Recruitment event idea #1: Host a friendly competition

Looking for a specific skill set? Host a competition of either internal or external candidates to help you surface the right ones to the top of your list.

Hackathons, for example, put potential hires into teams where they work together to solve problems. Unlike a traditional interview, these events give interviewers a preview of how candidates will perform under pressure.

Recruitment event idea #2: Expert panel or conference

Attract top talent by giving them access to industry leaders and experts in their field. A small panel of experts or a conference give recruits a chance to hear from people they look up to, and give recruiters an opportunity to meet with potential hires in a friendly environment.

This is also a great opportunity to show off your organization’s internal expertise and thought leaders, a powerful selling point for many candidates.

Recruitment event idea #3: Sponsor an industry event

If hosting your own event is out of the question, consider sponsoring a larger event.

It’s a common misconception that event sponsorship is just for brand awareness. But building your brand can encompass candidates and industry awareness too. For example, sponsorship expert Larry Weil worked with a heavy equipment manufacturer recruit mechanics on the trade show floor of a major event.

“We proposed a hospitality tent where mechanics could meet engineers and watch them teardown equipment,” says Weil. “All the sponsor needed to do was staff the tent with recruiters who could interview candidates on the spot.”

Recruitment event idea #4: Transform your office into an event space

In addition to sponsoring a major event, you could also open your office to events relevant to your industry. A speaker series on a topic relevant to your attendees, for instance, is a great way to get the best of the best interested in your company.

Depending on your space, your office could be the perfect setting for a meetup, panel event, or even a relaxed game or poker night.

Tips for planning a successful recruiting event

Once you have your recruitment event idea selected, follow these steps for a smooth planning process.


Events can get costly if you don’t manage your budget meticulously. If you blow your spend on swanky cocktails, you won’t have any budget left to promote your event, you won’t be able to attract any recruits to sip those drinks. And an empty room never leaves a good impression on candidates.

Not sure where to get started? Answer these five questions to create your budget.


Whether you’re hosting your own recruitment events or using event sponsorship to source talent, you need to spread the word without spreading yourself (and your budget) too thin.

You don’t have the luxury of assigning a single person to focus on social media all day long. Nor can you pour endless money into every aspect of your marketing campaigns. Use these 20 promotion ideas to think outside the box.

Ticketing and registration

When you have your recruitment event planned out and you’re ready to start promoting it, consider a ticketing partner that will help you attract attendees. The right partner will help you with everything from promotion to your event website.

Get started on your next recruitment event today.

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