Creating an event with a strong visual theme that will inspire attendees to whip out their camera phones is a surefire way to spread like wildfire on Instagram. And with a strong social presence in your pocket, your event will enjoy reach that may have been impossible without the help of some killer photos and well-placed hashtags. 

To make sure your event is all anyone talks about in 2019, we’ve put together a list of on-trend and Instagram-worthy party theme ideas to make your next event stand out from the crowd.

Party Theme Idea #1: Inner Child

What better way to let your hair down than with a bit of childlike fun? To bring this party theme to life, think grown-up versions of your favorite childhood activities — an adult-sized ball pit, a bouncy castle, a slide, confetti, bubbles, and of course, sweet snacks galore.

Party Theme Idea #2. Savannah Soiree

The Lion King is coming back this year and we’re just a little bit excited. With the original film and musical versions both a huge success across the globe, we’re guessing that everyone will be jazzed for some Savanah appreciation in 2019. To style your safari-inspired party, look to on-trend animal prints and loads of greenery. You could also use this theme as inspiration to create an animal-lover’s twist on a masquerade ball, with animal-inspired masks.

Party Theme Idea #3: Diet Starts Monday

We all know the drill: Tomorrow, we diet. But you’re having a party, so tonight let’s go down in a blaze of glory. This event theme lets guests indulge in all the good stuff with a fun blowout before treat day ends. Catering should include decadent cocktails, donut walls, and fried food galore.

Party Theme Idea #4: Under the Sea

This theme may bring up memories of school dances past, but with a few modern upgrades you can make it a hit. The Pantone 201 Color of the Year is Living Coral, which means this reef-inspired hue is set to appear everywhere in 2019 from fashion to tableware. Use the inspiration of this color to create a modern and creative party theme. Lean into the colors gold, green, coral, and white, and keep your party decorations away from anything that screams “prom.” So that means no glitter, sequins, or anything that is hard to recycle, like plastic straws. Instead of wasteful streamers, have live performances inspired by the sea or auction off ocean-inspired art to benefit a relevant charity. 

Party Theme Idea #5: Nautical, But Nice

Hosting an event on a boat or by the river, but want to avoid a kitschy pirate themed event? Try a more sophisticated nautical theme — styled with crisp whites and deep navy blues. To achieve this setting, your event space should look more at home cruising the French Riviera than sailing the high seas.  

Party Theme Idea #6: Circus Gala 

Encourage guests to dress in their finest to attend your high-class circus, complete with live performances and audience improv actors to up the mysticism. Pass out special performance tickets or fortunes, perform skits, and offer face painting on site. Make sure to lean into the traditional circus stripe theme — no worries if you can’t finagle a tent. 

Party Theme Idea #7: Havana Nights

Tropical flair is all the rage in fashion at the moment, but if you’re feeling like the beach or Hawaii theme is a bit played out, there’s a fun alternative. Take your guests to Cuba with a timeless Havana Nights theme. Think rum cocktails, latin dance music, outlandish tropical prints, and vintage resort wear.

Party Theme Idea #8: Rock n’ Roll Party

Deck out your venue in black and silver and invite guests to come dressed in their most hardcore outfits, with spikes, mohawks, and biker boots encouraged. Spin modern or classic rock hits to keep the dance floor alive and offer spray-on hair color and temporary tattoos to up the visual appeal for attendees. 

Party Theme Idea #9: Ready Player One

To pull off a video-game inspired party theme, invite guests to dress as their favorite game character, past or present. Book a space that hosts retro arcade games or virtual reality headsets for gameplay entertainment.

Party Theme Idea #10: Candy Crush

The world is having a moment with all things sweet and colorful. Immersive exhibitions like The Museum of Ice Cream are insanely popular and everyone wants to fill their Instagram feeds with pops of candy color. Tap this trend for your party by styling it with all things bright and colorful, complete with  a dessert table filled with sweet treats.

Party Theme Idea #11: Trash TV Bash

Who doesn’t love the guilty pleasure of reality TV? With so many shows on offer these days, there’s plenty to choose from when it comes to hosting a viewing party for a big reality show finale or premier. Make sure your decor and food is inspired by the show for extra Instagram points. Bachelor/Bachelorette lovers, get ready to call up your favorite florist and reserve all their roses. 

Party Theme Idea #12: Victorian-era Gothic

For a party that is both elegant and a touch spooky, look to a Victorian-era style gothic theme. Think candles, candelabras, skulls, taxidermy, black flowers, old frames and furniture. You can ask your guests to dress up as Victorian ghosts and even have serving staff dressed as Victorian maids and butlers.

Party Theme Idea #13: Time Travelers’ Ball

This event theme is the ultimate fancy dress party: instead of limiting costumes to a single decade, your “time traveling” guests can take inspiration from a historical figure from any year, past or present. Ancient Egyptian pharaohs, famous historical figures, pop icons…the possibilities are endless.

Party Theme Idea #14: Bubbles & Bowties

For a modern take on a sophisticated black-tie soiree, try “Bubbles & Bowties.” Guests are encouraged to dress in formal wear for a champagne-filled party. Mix it up with trendy varietals like Prosecco and natural sparkling wine, Pétillant-naturel.

Party Theme Idea #15: Musical Magic

Celebrate the rich history of the silver screen with a musical-themed event, encouraging guests to dress as their favorite characters from your chosen screening. Sing-along subtitles or post-movie karaoke is a must. Look to local theaters for venues as many have event spaces available for party hire.

Party Theme Idea #16: Hamptons Garden Party

A place long associated with summertime chic, New York’s Hamptons region evokes visions of popped collars and Lamborghinis by the beach. To inject some preppy fun into your event, create a Hamptons style garden party with turf lawn, tennis whites, sneakers, and pastels. With a jug of Pimms on the side, of course.

Party Theme Idea #17: Palm Springs Party

With mid-century modern coming back into vogue, host a Palm Springs inspired party. Channel vintage summer glam and classic styling from the 50’s and 60’s.   

Party Theme Idea #18: French-Chic Picnic

If you’re hosting an event in spring or summer, try a French themed outdoor picnic. Think red-checkered picnic blankets, baguettes, cheese, and champagne.

Party Theme Idea #19: Southern BBQ

If you’re looking to keep your outdoor theme closer to home, try an old-school BBQ with Southern classics like cornbread and baked beans and friendly games of summer and state fair classics like Frisbee or Cornhole.

Party Theme Idea #20: Zombie Apocalypse

If you’ve found yourself a warehouse venue or a location that is a little bit creepy (like old jails or nearby cemeteries), play up to the mood with an end of days themed event.

Party Theme Idea #21: Heroes & Villains

An oldie but a goodie. With the non-stop release of superhero movies, comic books are on-trend again and provide great costume choices for themed parties and events. Time your party around a movie release for extra relevancy. 

Party Theme Idea #22: London Calling

With a new royal baby here, it’s the perfect time to host a British-themed party. Decorations for such an event should include British flags, ‘Keep Calm’ posters, and plenty of traditional pub foods (or a tea party fit for a Queen).

Party Theme Idea #23: Club Carnival

Rides, amusements, games of chance, sugary treats, show bags, and eclectic prizes — a homespun carnival can be a colorful affair for a party if you have the budget and space to recreate the experience.

Party Theme Idea #24: Art Attack

Get your guests involved in an art project at your next party by creating a giant interactive canvas wall. Invite guests to write, draw, or graffiti your wall live at the party and give participants fun projects like “write a poem in under one minute” or “draw a selfie.” This can be done with large poster paper, or the walls themselves, if you can get your hands on a venue that will soon be repainted or torn down,

Party Theme Idea #25: Ice Cream Sundae

An instant hit and sure-fire way to draw a crowd in the summer months: an ice-cream social. In addition to lots of delicious icy treats, this party theme should be paired with crisp whites and playful pops of pastel to evoke nostalgic memories of ice-cream vans and summers passed. Ideal for sunny Sunday afternoon events.

Party Theme Idea #26: Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

The whimsical world of Alice in Wonderland is always a classic and allows you to really bend the rules when it comes to creative styling for a party. Serve trendy ice tea cocktails (or mocktails) in teacups and mini bottles with ‘drink me’ labels.

Party Theme Idea #27: Locavore Luncheon

Craft a foodie event focused exclusively on local farmers, chefs, and vendors. To theme this party, look to the local season for clues on what guests can expect such as “Summer Picnic”, “Autumn Harvest”, “Spring Garden Soiree”, or “Winter Warmers.”

Party Theme Idea #28: Tequila Tasting

While it’s always fun to don a sombrero and drink fishbowl margaritas, there’s a lot more inspiration from down south that can fuel a great fiesta. For a more modern take, opt for high-end tequila tastings (no lemon or salt required!), refreshing palomas, quality micheladas, and authentic street tacos fit for a night in trendy Tulum.

Party Theme Idea #29: Future Fête

For a party theme with a hint of mystery and magic, enlist tarot card readers, clairvoyants, or vintage-style fortune-telling machines to tell the rich futures of your party guests.

Party Theme Idea #30: Legoland

Lego is trending in 2019, with exhibitions, bars, and pop-ups booming in popularity with both adults and kids alike. To create a lego-themed party, procure giant Legos from a party supplier and enlist the help of an expert Lego builder to create unique party styling.

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