You know Facebook is a vital part of your event’s promotion strategy. But you still wish you could be doing more important things as you’re manually creating each Facebook Event page.

And what about your ticket sales? You’ve been killing it at encouraging people to say they’re “interested” or “going” to your event — but that interest hasn’t translated to sales.

There’s a simple fix to both these challenges: automatically promoting your Eventbrite event on Facebook.

Read on to learn how to effortlessly publish your events to Facebook on Eventbrite. But first, an important note about Facebook Official Events.

Learn more about the benefits of connecting your Eventbrite event to Facebook here

Preface: The importance of being “Official”

Being “official” matters. Not only do Facebook Official Events contain important details, such as date, time, and venue, they also make it easy to expand your reach — since they’re more likely to show up in search and News Feed recommendations.

And once interested people find your event, being Facebook Official helps you convert them with a “Buy Tickets” button at the top of your page. This simple but powerful add-on means you can reduce the chances of drop off during the checkout process.

Step-by-step: Add your Eventbrite events to Facebook

If you’re an Eventbrite customer, adding your events to Facebook is simple and fast, thanks to the “Add to Facebook” feature. In short, it creates a Facebook event for you in minutes based on your Eventbrite details, including Facebook’s checkout.

Step 1: Understand which of your events are eligible for Add to Facebook

Before getting started, you need to make sure your event is eligible for the Add to Facebook integration. Criteria are straightforward. Your event:

Step 2: Click “Add to Facebook” on your “Manage” page

After logging in and creating an Eventbrite event, find your event on the Manage Events page. Then click Manage.

Click “Add to Facebook” in the Options Menu (under Invite & Promote). Then connect to your Facebook account using your Facebook login email and password. This allows you to link your Eventbrite account with your Facebook account and the pages you manage.

Tip: If you’ve never accessed Facebook from within your Eventbrite account, you’ll need to grant permission to publish and update your event details on Facebook.

Step 3: Create a Facebook Official event

If your Facebook Page has existing events, you’ll be asked to choose whether to “Add a new Facebook event” or “Add tickets to an existing Facebook event”. Otherwise, you’ll be automatically directed to the Add to Facebook page. Here’s what to do in either case:

  • Add a new Facebook event: Take a close look at all the detail fields and modify them to your liking. These details will appear on your Facebook event. And in almost all cases, you can update this information after adding your event to your Facebook page. When done, scroll to the bottom and click “Add to Facebook.”
  • Add tickets to an existing Facebook event: If you’ve already created a Facebook event, you can link Eventbrite tickets to your Facebook event. When you’ve reviewed all your ticket and event details, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Link to Facebook” to start selling tickets on your Facebook event.

Pro tip: You must select an “Event Category” and an image to add to Facebook, even if you skipped these steps on your Eventbrite listing.

Step 4: Start selling tickets and tracking sales

Congratulations! Now, your attendees can click “Get Tickets” directly on Facebook to launch Facebook’s checkout experience and register. This checkout experience is designed to increase conversions because they can complete their purchase without leaving the page in Facebook. That means more registrations and people at your event.

To see the results for yourself, track your conversions on Facebook with Eventbrite’s Analytics tool. To view your data, select “Sales Channel” from the menu, then hit “Group by” and select “Detailed Sales Channel by Platform.” You can also view a summary and itemized breakdown of your data.

Ready to sell more tickets?

Eventbrite’s partnership with the social media giant is a rare and valuable opportunity for event creators.

Give your attendees the ability to discover and purchase tickets without ever leaving the Facebook app. Start using the Add to Facebook feature on your Eventbrite events today.

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