Building a successful event is a multi-faceted process that requires selecting the right theme, building connections with sponsors, generating buzz, and ultimately selling tickets. Set yourself up for success with Eventbrite Academy, which teaches you how to use Eventbrite, how to sell tickets on Eventbrite, and how to plan events that participants love. Plus, discover tips and tricks for hosting virtual events along with in-person and hybrid events.

If you’re ready to explore what our platform has to offer, check out new features, and broaden your expertise as a creator, then Eventbrite Academy is for you. It offers free events led by experts in the field and is designed for flexible learning. You can select webinar topics that interest you and build your skills as an event creator.

How to attend Eventbrite Academy webinars

Registering for Eventbrite Academy webinars is easy. But, you have to act fast to secure your seat — these virtual classroom webinars fill up quickly. Click the “Follow” button on the Eventbrite Academy page so that you’re notified of live webinars by email. You’ll gain access to our upcoming webinars, allowing you to secure a seat in an upcoming webinar on the topic of your choice.

You can also sign up to get a recording after the event if you can’t make the live session. They include all the same content, but you won’t get a chance to participate in the Q&A. However, these recorded webinars allow you to pause or rewind the instruction so that you don’t miss any important information.

Learn how to use Eventbrite with feature-focused webinars

Let Eventbrite Academy help you become a better creator and build your knowledge and skills. When you attend feature-focused webinars, you’ll learn how to get the most out of the platform. By using Eventbrite’s multitudinous features, many creators have found themselves with more time on their hands to take their events to the next level.

Eventbrite Academy webinars highlight the many features and tools available to you on the platform. These events offer expert-led guidance on how to make the most of Eventbrite, including insight into how you can use the platform to create and promote your event. There are also webinars that allow you to learn about the data and analytics side of Eventbrite, which can help you plan for future events.

If you’re a new event creator, sign up for introductory webinars to get familiar with the platform. The recurring webinar “Getting Started on Eventbrite” introduces necessary features like confirming order settings, setting up payment and refund policies, and social sharing for easy event cross-promotion.

Have you used our platform a while but feel like you aren’t taking full advantage of the features offered? We have webinars to help you explore new features and use them for your next event. For example, if you host high-volume, repeated events, you can spend less time creating individual event pages by learning how to host repeated events. This feature can be especially helpful if you livestream virtual events. Or, you can learn how to use features like refunds if you ever have to cancel an event.

Stay on top of event industry trends

As a creator, keeping up with the events industry is a must. Knowing what’s going on in your industry will ensure you host events that build interest and engage event-goers. Checking out our events industry report is one way to stay on top of the latest trends.

Eventbrite Academy is another easy way to stay engaged with the industry, even from the comfort of your office. Attending webinars lets you learn about industry trends and best practices and stay on the cutting edge of event planning. You’ll experience webinars that focus on important event industry topics and help you brush up on industry standards and trends. Explore different topics to find ones that are applicable to your event brand.

For example, the events industry transformed dramatically when stay-at-home orders and social distancing requirements were put into place. Eventbrite Academy helped creators learn how to create an Eventbrite profile and develop events with COVID-19 precautions and restrictions in mind. Other topics like how to use Eventbrite in a socially distant world provided important insight into how to host events in person and online during the COVID-19 pandemic. Attendees can also learn how to seat participants safely, manage capacity, contact trace, host online events, and more.

Discover your next step with Eventbrite Academy

We’re ready for you to dive right in. You can sign up to attend our next live webinar or view a recorded session. Visit the Eventbrite Academy page to discover our latest webinar offerings and sign up for the events that interest you.

Whether you’re looking to bust the myths of livestreaming for your next virtual event or just want to discover the best ways to use our online event service, you’ll get the guidance you need from our blog and the academy. This expert-led guidance will help you plan your next in-person or virtual event.

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