Designing a high quality event is the key to creating a fantastic experience for your attendees and securing a community of repeat ticket buyers. High-quality event listings are those which comply with our Community Guidelines and make their content clear, accessible, and authentic. 

Authenticity is at the heart of what makes your event incredible. This means posting content that is your own, or procured appropriately, and appeals to an audience that connects with your event’s purpose or cause. 

For starters, every event listing must have the following required content: 

  • Title
  • Date
  • Location (or a valid link if the event is hosted online) 
  • Organizer 
  • Ticket/registration
  • Description

Attendees value event listings that provide all the relevant and necessary information to them prior to the event to help set clear expectations and guidelines. To ensure you’re being clear and transparent with your audience, we recommend including the following in your description:  

  • Catchy and informative event description. All descriptions must be about the event posted and must clearly communicate the details of the event 
  • Agenda or schedule 
  • Lineup or speakers list 
  • Age requirements (e.g. 21+) 
  • Accommodations (if necessary)
  • Sponsors 
  • Refund policy. As the event organizer, you’re responsible for setting a clear refund policy and responding to all refund requests in a timely manner 
  • FAQs
  • Images, graphics, logos, videos, and trademarks that are your own and not those copied or replicated, nor violating our Community Guidelines 

Here are some examples we created of high-quality event listings:

If anything about your event changes, like needing to cancel or reschedule, make sure you communicate this to your attendees clearly, and in a timely manner.

The following are Terms of Service violations: 

  • Misleading, repeated, or multiple events and emails that spam customers. We are unable to list the same online event in multiple cities on the same date. If your event is part of a series and you wish to create a recurring event, find out how to do so here. If you wish to invite multiple people to your event, find out how to create an email campaign here 
  • Deceptive, impersonating, intentionally or potentially harmful, misleading and misrepresentative information or content 
  • Unclear or misleading information about additional costs associated with the ticket purchase
  • Other content that violates our Community Guidelines

We want to help you create the highest quality events that bring a wide ranging audience together. Whether you’re organizing a music festival, marathon, conference, fundraiser, or coding competition, use this page and our Content Standards to learn more about what we do, and do not, allow on Eventbrite. 

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