We love BROs. In fact, we would even say that bros are what make our jobs at Eventbrite so great! When you hear “BRO”, you probably think popped collars and fist pumping. But at Eventbrite, a BRO signifies a magnificent influencer, a selfless crusader, and our best friend. Let’s break it down, shall we?

B.R.O. noun /brō/
1:  Abbreviation for Blood Runs Orange
2:  Someone who loves & evangelizes Eventbrite (just because)

A while back, we identified Eventbrite users who have selflessly helped us spread the good word. These BROs play an integral part in the growth of our local communities. As our unofficial brand ambassadors, BROs frequently attend events they find on Eventbrite, raise awareness about events via social media, refer Eventbrite to potential event organizers, and latch on to all things “brite”.

As an event organizer, identifying your own BROs is one of the best things you can do to build awareness about your event or brand. Here are some tactical ways to identify them and begin building your own ambassador program.

1)   The Cyber BRO: Set up a few keyword searches for your event or brand on social media channels and see who’s talking! Is there someone who RTs your events often? Someone that frequently mentions you to his or her followers? Don’t just favorite, give ‘em a retweet!

2)   The Network BRO: This BRO makes connections like a boss. They can be found slinging personal intros your way left and right. Acknowledge their generosity and ask what you can do for them.

3)   The Rollin’ Deep BRO: This BRO comes to every event and always brings a plus one (or four). Consider shooting an email to this BRO with a “thank you” and a complimentary ticket to your next event. If this person happens to cross function as a Cyber BRO, ask them to share your event with their social media networks in exchange for a free ticket!

Maybe you want to whip up an incentive program for your BROs, or maybe you’ll send out the occasional handwritten “thank you” note. Either way, be sure to acknowledge them early and often!

Who are your BROs? Have you thanked your BRO today? 

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