Whether you’re a seasoned teacher with a loyal following or a first-timer looking for gigs on the side, we’ve rounded up the best tricks of the trade to make your class a resounding success.

Break out the colored pencils, and have fun with your class. Photo credit: Brigit Schrader
  1. Easy does it: Describe what your students will learn concretely and succinctly in your title and event description. Will they learn to make classic cocktails with market-fresh ingredients? Drive qualified leads to their website? Play with shutter speed in a photography class? When in doubt, simplify.
  2. Have a plan: Are you using a public venue for your class? Think through how your students will gain entry to the building and post signs directing them where to go (posting with permission, of course). The more you’ve thought through each detail, the more likely your students will feel well-cared for and opt to give you that glowing Yelp review.
  3. Aim high: If you’re a food and wine expert hosting a tasting class, you’ll need quality supplies. Why not aim for selling out your class and get a bottle donated from a local wine shop? Knowing your goal in advance will help keep you on track and focused on the most important element of the event: your teaching!
  4. Create a hashtag for your class: Encourage (or even incentivize!) your students to share the class through their social networks and you might find a whole new crop of students for your next one.
  5. Stand out from the crowd: Upload your logo, photos from your last class, and post Yelp reviews of your previous classes in the ‘Hosted By’ section of your event page for a customized, professional landing page.
  6. Make payment hassle-free: You know your crowd. Would they rather pay at the door with cash, check or credit, or pay with a credit card online when they sign up, or both? You can choose your method with easy breezy payment options.
  7. Stay in touch: Send a note to your students after the class with photos and recaps to share how much you enjoyed having them. If it’s your passion, let it show.
  8. Keep those eyeballs: Already have a strong web presence on your own site? Use the ticket widget for students to RSVP and pay for their spot without leaving your site.
  9. Make the ask!: Don’t forget to ask for reviews on Yelp, ask students to join your newsletter, and ask what kind of classes they’d be interested in taking in the future. We also integrate with Survey Monkey, so you can easily create and send a postclass survey as well.
  10. Recommend: If you’ve had a great experience with a venue, give them a good review. Share what you’ve learned with other teachers or hobbyists. And, if you recommend Eventbrite, you can earn 25% on all ticket fees generated in one year from referrals. Learn more

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So, go on, focus on what you love and we’ll do the rest.

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