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This is a guest post by Upasna Gautam, Digital Marketing Intern at Magic Logix, a digital interactive marketing agency specializing in customized website design, website development, SEO and online marketing. Upasna previously shared her marketing expertise in this extremely helpful post on crafting the perfect email pitch. Today she writes on a topic that’s critical for many businesses using Eventbrite: the 5 reasons you need to channel the marketing power of a blog.

Perhaps it sounds slightly hackneyed, but there’s a simple tool that must be integrated into any successful web marketing campaign: the blog. Bloggers have essentially established and now sustain social media. Without them, there wouldn’t be much to Digg, Like, or Stumble. Incorporating this little device into your marketing efforts is easy, low-cost, and produces high yields if done the correct way—with consistency and quality. Here are five reasons you absolutely need to jump on this bandwagon:

1) Leads. The blog community is a gold mine of leads for your business. Each time you launch a new service, publish a how-to piece, etc, your blog can act as a means to reach out to your leads. This is where communication becomes a determining factor in the success of your blog. If you have set your company as a reputable source that has been active in engaging with its readers, you should have a high rate of lead to client conversion.

2) Press. Press release submission is indeed a very important aspect of traditional marketing, however, good press release services can cost thousands of dollars. Take a wild guess as to how the most popular bloggers market their new products. Yup, you’re right—they blog it. Using your blog as a platform for your business’ press is not only free, but provides direct advertising to your most qualified leads. Free advertising to your best potential clients—it doesn’t get better than that.

3) Visibility. This is one of, if not the most, important reasons why a blog can serve as the best marketing tool for your business. Maintaining a successful blog requires regular updating of its content and information which in itself enhances your online presence. In addition, quality content is frequently linked by other bloggers. This further improves your placement on search engines and increases your visibility.

4) Credibility. Think of it this way: Would you trust the opinion of a stranger over that of your friend? Probably not. If you regularly interact with your readers, you are already building a relationship—this does wonders for your credibility. Potential clients and customers want to know who is behind the product and/or services they are buying from. If you are able to have a healthy relationship with your readers, it gives your business a face and people know they are dealing with someone they “know” and might have been in touch with personally.

5) Feedback. Blogging will permit your readers to provide you with valuable insight and feedback on your products, services and business. This will allow you to tweak and respond better to your target market. Always keep in mind that your readers are your best leads, so their feedback is of utmost importance. Within just minutes of publishing a post you can receive feedback, allowing the necessary adjustments to be made as suggested by your readers.

Although the Web can be likened to an endless pit of information, you can direct a flurry of users to your corner of the web by providing quality content on a consistent basis.


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  • I would say that a blog is much more important than the business website itself. Standard > home our services > etc. websites will be required a lot less (and may even disappear) over the next 5 years.

  • Where are the best places to blog? Shoul I use facebook or some other social network? Would it be best to blog on my business website? Do I have to do both??? Oh my?!?

  • I agree that blogging is a great tool to utilize for your business! It is a way to express valuable information to your target audience to gain credibility. Blogging is about giving resources not giving a sales pitch. While I agree it is important, a website will always be a great tool for a business. Ideally, a company should have a website with a customized integrated blog and ways to update information, news and events, etc. I do disagree with the statement that websites will disappear over the next five years. Consumers are growing more and more comfortable with utilizing the ecommerce market. There has been a steady growth of ecommerce annual sales in the last 5 years averaging billions of dollars in revenue. Recently, Amazon reported a 42% growth in the latest fourth quarter. The numbers are growing and online merchants reaping the benefits of dynamic websites with great usability, functionality, and security. A website can offer a blog, news and events, images, videos and podcasts, shopping carts, detailed information of products and services, tutorials, downloads and more.

    Whether you are blogging for fun or for business, it is about contributing valuable information that can benefit others without expecting a returned favor. In return, people will be able to find value in your expertise and knowledge allowing you to reap the benefit from pursuing more information about you or your company.

    Websites and Blogs are great tools for business, as long as they provide valuable information that is up to date and relevant to the needs of your potential customers.

  • Natasha,

    I would recommend Google Blogger or WordPress – both are very user friendly. You should definitely incorporate your blog into your business website because it is an excellent means of communication between you and your clients, and most importantly, your potential clients. If you already have a Business Page on Facebook, you can add the NetworkedBlogs application; This is a great tool that promotes your blog on Facebook and syndicates your feeds to your wall and fan pages.

  • My daughter sent me to this site and said it would help me to get more online clients by blogging as I dont have much time to, but I can see how this will get people asking more questions about certain law processes. Thank you.

  • Thanks for reading! It definitely helps you reach new people and start conversations that you may otherwise be missing. Hope that the article helped you learn something new!