Next Thursday (11/11), DFW will come alive and experience a new kind of creativity as Art Party- Life as Canvas takes the stage for one night of innovative awesomeness. Now, I know what you’re thinking. How can art and a party exist at the same time? Well, for starters, look at it: pARTy. I mean, the work was virtually done for us. Websterios, the word god, saw fit many years ago to put two of the most awesome things on the planet together, ultimately destining us to host events that celebrate them both. Succumbing to our ultimate duty, we are coming together with artists and musicians from all across DFW for an absolutely amazing night.

The idea is simple: Every day we are surrounded by art that we often miss because we’re so busy. It’s with us when we wake up or walk to work, around us when we talk to friends and enjoy great meals. It’s literally everywhere. Art Party is about opening our eyes to the art that exists in our everyday happenings. Our friends at La Mode Dallas are working with a host of local fashion designers, hair stylists, makeup artists, and visual artists to create an innovative and engaging runway show featuring some of the most creative and fun styles to grace any catwalk around the world. In addition, we’ll have a live art show produced by ArtLoveMagic, beats and a rocking dance floor from DJ Jason Esquire, and a performance from local musician Kirk Thurmond. Yeah…we know it’s almost more awesome than we can stand too.

The cost of this extravagantly amazing affair is just $15 in advance and $20 cash at the door and, in addition to all the stuff above (which got me excited just thinking about it), includes drinks provided by our friends at The Cedars Social, lite bites and sweets from Nibb Chocolate and Citizen Sweets, Foto Favors, and a few other surprises you won’t get anywhere else. To say that we’re excited is to make the understatement of the year, but what the heck—we’re pretty dang excited. If you’re looking for an amazing way to start your weekend (which as far as I’m concerned starts on Thursday), then this is it. Top all that off with the knowledge that this event benefits Today Marks the Beginning, an organization that uses art to raise awareness about issues here and abroad, and we really can’t think of any better place you’d rather be. So come out, grab some friends and prepare for a good time because this is a night of nights and we’re looking forward to seeing you there. Come say hi to me when you get there—I’d love to meet you!