The Eventbrite support team helps users see all the great things Eventbrite can do. And of course, we each have favorite things to suggest. So we thought we would share a few we love.

Seth thinks the customization you can achieve in event details is amazing. You can create tons of interest around your event and encourage ticket sales by adding in text, images and even media to improve the look of your page and provide the most information possible to your attendees to get them excited about your event. Learn how

Sarah thinks its super cool that you can resend your invitations to guests that have not responded to the original invite. That way, you don’t need to re-enter email addresses or send too many emails to guests who are already attending your event.

Noah says his most valuable feature is Collect Custom Information. This tool is essential for event organizers, particularly conference hosts, or users who need information like the guests meal choice or t-shirt size in order to properly prepare for their event. The information you collect is easy to obtain as well, using Event Reports to export the data to a spreadsheet. Learn how

Kevin is into the new invitations. They have a slick new look and are more customizable than the original invitations. They also encourage clicks to your registration page as the Attend button is shown higher on the page. Learn how

Miles always recommends that you use the Edit Order Confirmations feature to provide attendees with as much day of event information as possible and to provide additional instructions and your contact information so that attendees have a better sense of what they will need and you can address any questions ahead of time. You can choose to either use the pdf ticket the system will generate, or remove the feature if you are doing a webinar or checking guests in by name. Learn how

Laura sees the mobile entry management tools as a huge benefit that we have recently added to enhance our product on the day of your event. Learn how

Nicole loves the new feature for check-in from within your account. Now, in addition to the mobile tools, we have included a feature you can use from a computer at your event to check guests in. Learn how

Dana is a big fan of the promotional tools we offer organizers to help get the word out about events and improve your search results both in our directory and on search engines. Learn how

The one thing we all love is our fabulous Help Center. We include instructions on how to use the features, very cool video tutorials, and of course, our contact information if you’d like to get in touch with us. We are always here to help you make your event a success!