Is your con still cash-only? Once fans realize your vendors don’t take credits cards and your ATMs have lines out the door, they’ll put their wallets away.

Don’t create extra hurdles — make it easy for fans to pay.

In fact, if you make it easy for fans to buy, you can drive significantly more revenue for your event. Eventbrite data shows that attendees using cashless RFID payments spend 2x more than those using cash or card. These cashless payments let attendees’ link their credit cards with an RFID badge or wristband, so they can pay for merch or food at your event with a simple tap.

Here’s why going cashless could mean more money for your fandom event.

Your fans want to spend money

Fans want to spend at your event. According to an Eventbrite survey of nearly 2,600 fandom attendees, nearly 70% said buying merch they’re interested in is one of their three primary motivations for attending a con.

In fact, most fans spend between $100 to $500 at conventions  — not including tickets, lodging, food, and parking. They’re going home with collectibles, programs, signed posters, and t-shirts from your event.

If you want these folks coming back and spending more, use payment upgrade your on-site technology to support cashless payments, either via phone-based options like Apple Pay or radio frequency identification (RFID) wristbands.

Use cashless to increase spending

If you’re already using RFID tags in your badges to manage check-in, it’s a simple upgrade to use RFID for payments as well. This enables fans to use the same badge they check in with at sessions to buy merch or concessions.

If you enable your RFID bracelets or badges with cashless technology, fans won’t have to reach for their wallets, staff won’t waste time counting out cash, and no one will have to wait for a slow credit card machine to finish processing.

When fans pay for purchases with RFID instead, that means faster processing times, shorter lines — and 2x more spending.

How comic cons are using RFID payments

Whether you’re just getting started or your fandom event has been around for years, cashless isn’t a trend you can ignore. And some of the larger and more well-known events can confirm the benefits.

Lance Fensterman, Global Senior Vice President of ‎ReedPOP, says that allowing fans to use cashless technology has increased total fan spending by up to 15%. So when your attendees are willing to to shell out upwards of $100 for an autograph or a photo op with an artist, cashless is a no-brainer.

Similarly, Wizard World, Inc., North America’s largest producer of pop-culture and comic con events, has moved to cashless technology for all its events.

These forward-thinking fandom creators know that predicting the next innovative event technology can make your con a must-attend. But ignoring new innovations could make your event irrelevant.

The event technology you need in 2018…and beyond

Fandom events are a multi-billion dollar enterprise — and everyone has a stake in keeping the fun rolling on, and the money rolling in. Download the ebook The Do’s and Don’ts of Fandom Events: A Director’s Guide to create a must-attend fandom event.

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