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Shop Class: Private Table features detailed prep-to-plate instruction from your favorite pitmasters & chefs, just like our regular Shop Classes. But instead of gathering in a big group, these classes will take place through video chat with a small group to make sure they are as personal and interactive as possible. And here’s the best part: you get to prep along with the pros. When you purchase your ticket, we'll let you know all the supplies you need to follow along at home so that you can cook a tasty reward when class is out. Plus, we'll send you a Traeger Shop Class swag bag filled with goodies. Browse our class options to learn more about each session and find the right class to satisfy your wood-fired cravings.




·         One to two hours of in-depth instruction and demonstrations with a Traeger pro

·         Interactive format with live Q&A in a small, private group

·         Ingredient/equipment list so you can cook along at home

·         Shop Class swag bag filled with Traeger goodies shipped to you

·         Meat, sauces, & rubs delivered to your door (select classes only)





Check your technology. Make sure you have a reliable high-speed internet and a computer or laptop with a front facing camera

Book your ticket – specifics are on each event page

Once you book your ticket, you’ll receive a confirmation email outlining what to expect with a unique code to join your Shop Class.

If your class includes the meat used in the recipe, Traeger will ship the meat to your home. It will arrive prior to your class date.

If your class includes a Traeger rub for the recipe, those will arrive prior to your class date as well.

You will also receive a Traeger swag bag as well an official Traeger Shop Class book that contains the recipe being taught in your class.

We’ll also provide you with an equipment list and a shopping list of things needed for class

When it is your class time, enter your code on Zoom to join the class

You’ll receive expert step-by-step instruction via video conference with a Traeger Pro

All your burning questions answered in real time

1-2 hours later, you’ll be on your way to BBQ greatness!




Every Shop Class is led by one of our Traeger Pros. Each pro team member brings their own distinct cooking style to the table – from tailgate gurus to seafood specialists – making the Shop Class a truly unique experience. You’ll be able to pick their brains and learn their tips and tricks, from prep to plate. They’ll sharpen your skills and give you insights into essential wood-fired cooking techniques so that you can trim, prep, season, marinate, sear, sauce, and smoke like a pro.




Each Shop Class menu features dishes that showcase a wide variety of different cooking philosophies, techniques, and tools to suit every skill level. From main dishes to appetizers, desserts, and even cocktails, our Shop Classes will help you discover just how versatile a Traeger grill can be. Whether the class is focused on gourmet grilling, classic BBQ, or wild game, our menus will give you a greater understanding of cooking on a Traeger grill.




 Snake River Farms


We are honored to partner with Snake River Farms, they provide stunningly beautiful beef that far exceeds USDA Prime. We will use the most tender and flavorful American beef in our Traeger Shop Classes. They are involved with every aspect of producing their special Wagyu cross cattle from start to finish.


Fat Tire


 Born in Colorado in 1991, Fat Tire is also a 1% for the Planet member. Traeger is proud to partner with these brewmasters who have proven that business can be a force for good.




Built for the wild, YETI's premium outdoor coolers are a game-changer and Traeger is honored to partner with this pioneering brand. YETI's burly design and unparalleled ice retention let you pack up the cooler and Traeger for a weekend off-grid, full of delicious wood-fired meals.


Tito's Vodka


 By teaming up with America's Original Craft Vodka, Traeger is thrilled to serve Shop Class students classic cocktails that pair perfectly with smoky flavors.




 WhistlePig's deeply complex rye whiskeys are the perfect partners for the signature smoky cocktails we serve at Shop Class.