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Performing & Visual Arts Event Ticketing

Bring artists and audiences together at your next event using Eventbrite.

Festivals & Fairs

When you're organizing multi-day festivals and fairs, you need a ticketing partner you can trust. With Eventbrite, you can set up a customized event page, reach your community with built-in social media tools, sell more tickets online and at the door—and keep lines moving the day of your event. See how.

Festivals and Fairs

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Shows & Venues

From art exhibitions to dance performances to theater productions and more, Eventbrite is by your side from setup to sellout to lights out. Customize your ticketing page, promote your next event with built-in social media tools, maximize revenue with reserved seating and get audiences in seats faster with entry management solutions. Explore more.

Festivals and Fairs

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Classes & Workshops

Organize a smashing arts class with Eventbrite’s simple registration platform. Show your flair for the dramatic with a customized event ticketing page, attract more aspiring artists with our built-in social media tools, and use our simple repeating events feature to manage reoccurring classes. Learn more.

Festivals and Fairs

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Eventbrite offers a seamless, easy-to-use ticketing solution for performance & visual arts events of all types including festivals, shows, classes and more.

  • Create your event in minutes

    Customize your page to match your brand. Include multiple ticket types, discount codes, reserved seating and more.

  • Grow your audience

    We send e-newsletters to recommend events to 16 million fans, and notify people when their friends are attending.

  • Sell tickets online

    Easily sell tickets online, track payments, and manage ticket transfers and refunds all in one place.

  • Manage tickets at the door

    Sell tickets on-site, track your sales, check in patrons, and deliver top-notch service using our free Eventbrite Neon mobile app.

  • Track your audience

    Real-time reporting and analytics help you understand your audience, make better decisions, and sell more tickets.

  • Questions? We're here 24/7!

    Our seasoned in-house team provides round-the-clock customer service.

Hosting a large or complex event?
Call our experts at 1-888-215-3611 for help getting started.

We offer a discount to all nonprofit organizations.

If you're a 501 (c ) (3) organization, you are qualified to receive a reduced service fee of 2.0% + $0.99 per ticket.
Standard credit card fees still apply. We'll also cap our fee at $7.95 per ticket. Please send a copy of your 501(c)(3) form to
verify your status. Email: FAX: 1-888-855-2521. Don't forget to include the email used for your
Eventbrite account and your telephone number.

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