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Singin' Flower

Character animation, 2D, 3D or stop motion, as a discipline ask for artistic sensitivity and knowledge about cinematography, acting and storytelling. ...Nevertheless most of the animation course curriculums are about technique and technology. So very artistic sensitivities, more actors, musicians or dancers alike, find themselves stuck with technical limitations about animation craftwork, the tools rather than the final goal. Communicating and expressing, even with the director, we end focusing so much on the how to forget the what, playing the role of simple executors and not meaning exponents any more.

Singin’ Flower ® proposes an “anti-industrial concept” where someone can raise her/his passion and develop competencies in a wider and more satisfying way, with that original goal of express her/himself, telling a story that needs to be told, the main impetus to undertake the animation profession.

This doesn’t mean we somehow overlook the competitiveness of the students’ results: conversely we’re firsthand supervisors of the products they come out with and present the best of them to the European and National specific festivals and competitions. We propose to all who start this learning/creating adventure with us to leave the suffocating and hectic pace of metropothtan life behind them and slow down: sometime we get the target better and faster simply lifting your foot from the accelerator :)

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