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Niagara Arts & Cultural Center


The NACC is Home in the 180,000 square foot former Niagara Falls High School building centrally located in Niagara Falls, NY

A grassroots movement saved the building from demolition in 2000

Designated as a Multi-Arts Center by NYSCA in 2006

Community anchor in the City of Niagara Falls

The NACC is Home to more than 75 artists and arts groups with studios in former classrooms

The dream of having a studio becomes a reality for area artists to incubate their own small business which stimulates the local economy

The NACC is a Home to public spaces for the arts and the community

Two galleries, two theaters, outdoor venues, a sound stage, winter bocce court and a radio station allow for a mix of visual and performing arts programs, programming and community outreach.

The NACC hosts each year- African American Arts and Music; Native American Arts and Music; Opera Performances; 12+ Gallery Exhibits; A Full Season of Theater Performances, Radio Shows, Art workshops, Regional History Lectures, Architectural Tours, Gardening Workshops, and Artisan Markets.

After-school and summer programs in art, history, music, gardening and technology are provided for children in the City of Niagara Falls

Children are safe at the NACC where their talents, and confidence are nurtured and developed

NACC Programming serves thousands

600+ artists served

1,700+ children served

15,400+ audience members attended

100,000+ served by tenants, Regional, National and International Audience: Radio, TV & Movie productions, sound recordings, historic restoration, Fine Art, Music, Dance, and Theater performances…

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