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Jared Lee Taylor

Originally from Philadelphia, Jared has worked and studied in major cities around the world including Cologne and Berlin, Germany, Los Angeles and most recently New Delhi, India. These opportunities have given Mr. Taylor a point of view not afforded many from his native North Philadelphia – a community riddled with many of the social issues plaguing Paterson today. Rising above the generational poverty and cycles of addiction, Jared has been able to carve out a life of purpose.

Finding a voice and identity in Hip-Hop culture, Jared also found a career as an Artist. For more than two decades he recorded and toured the world under the stage name Grand Agent. Becoming a single father after a bitter divorce, Jared had to set touring aside. No stranger to good old-fashioned hard work, he obtained a commercial driver’s license and began putting himself through college.

About a year ago, Jared found himself in Paterson. It became immediately apparent that he'd be given a second chance to do what he'd been unable to do in his neighborhood growing up. Watching Temple University gentrify his community, to the exclusion of its long term residents, inspired a desire to give a voice to those being spoken for by outsiders. Paterson, being as underserved and saddled with challenges as it is, with it's close proximity to New York City is a prime target for outside gentrification. Mr. Taylor refuses to let that happen on his watch.

Jared hopes to achieve on behalf of the people of Paterson, the same miracle that he has personally experienced: the gift of a truly changed mind. Outgrowing the poverty consciousness, the frustration and sense of entitlement that go along with it, he's learned that dysfunction is simply a lack of discipline. ONE PATERSON, therefore, operates on the principle of accountability. Through consistent action designed to hold ourselves accountable to one another, minds will change and lives will improve. These improvements will unlock our capacity to steer the reinvention of Paterson from within -with the people at the helm.

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