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The idea of pairing amazing craft beers with locally sourced foods to us seemed like a no-brainer.  Giving a whole pig to a talented chef is like giving a blank canvas to a talented artist- the possibilities are endless.  That's why it's only natural to pair these creative and delicious recipes with the most exciting and diverse beverage in the world- beer.  "Cuisine a la biere" is a common and highly regarded traditional style of cooking particularly in Belgium and around the world, and as evidenced by the little microcosm of gastronomy that is NYC- chefs, restauranteurs, Sommeliers, and Cicerones are getting in on the fun like never before.  Beer can be used in virtually all aspects of cooking- to marinate with, to caramelize, to spice up soups and stews, accentuate sauces, or simply to create an unforgettable pairing.  The bubbly effervescence of a fresh crafted brew cuts through heavy foods the way other beverages just plain and simply, cannot.  It enhances our favorite dishes in the same way great music or wonderful company does, and when you have a winning combination- it can be pretty explosive. 

Imagine a summer salad of proscuitto and melon paired with a bright, citrusy, refreshing Belgian wit beer, or a dark, rich, creamy doppelbock up against a salty roast pork shoulder.  Smoked barbecue ribs are impeccable with a sweet, campfirey, smoky rauchbier, and so on and so forth.

With over 40 beers and more pork dishes than you can imagine, come experience a Get Real Presents event and play with different ideas, combinations, and flavor profiles.  Your dinner table will never be the same and your palate and stomach will thank you.

We also do events in New York - Austin, TX - Washington DC and more - bars & restaurants - PR - Consulting - events etc...

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