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Chinese Young Professionals Networking (CYPN)

Chinese Young Professionals Networking (CYPN)

Chinese Young Professionals Networking (CYPN), a Non-Profit Organization, is a community and platform to expand your cir 
cle of connections, to leverage important business contacts, to promote entrepreneurship, or to simply have fun. This is a network connecting great people together – attractive, talented, educated, ambitious, both young professionals and students alike.

华人青年协会是新英格兰地区发展最快也同时是最大的华人年轻活动团体组织. 我们是一个正式的非营利性组织, 为准备找工作的学生还有众多年轻工作一族建立一个交流的平台. 我们会定期组织上百人的大规模和一些小规模的团体活动, 不管你是宅男宅女, 还是户外高手, 单身男女, 或者已婚夫妇, 这里都有适合你的世界. 

Our website/我们的官方网页:

Our promotional video/我们的宣传视频:

Our facebook group/我们的脸书组织:
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我们的微信平台: please search CYPN
Any Mandarin speaking friends who loves to hang out

Absolutely nothing to do with your age. As far as you have a young heart pursuing the happiness of your life.

Professionals or professionals-to-be. Active and passionate about your career.

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