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Angela is a Community Organizer, Cuddle Party facilitator and a mom of 3 children. She is educated in Psychology (with a thesis in social cognition), and has experience in Mental Health, Research, Social Work, and Crisis Counselling. Angela became part of the Calgary Tantra community in 2014, where she started working with and became mentored by its founder: Rovena Skye. Since joining, Angela has attended and assisted in the planning, organization and facilitation of more than 100 workshops on vulnerability, managing emotional triggers, fearless relating (with self, others, and the world), conscious relationships, compassionate communication, and sacred sexuality. Through these experiences, Angela has also had the pleasure of meeting and learning from expert and master level Relationship Coaches, Sex Educators and Tantra teachers from all over the world. Angela is passionate about supporting people, and creating positive and meaningful social changes in society. One of her favourite ways to do this is by facilitating Cuddle Parties, where people are offered an opportunity to connect with others and become empowered by learning about and practicing boundary setting, communication skills, and self-care.
Amber is a (mostly) happy-go-lucky nugget of light and love. As warm and translucent as the colour, she is an authentic and enthusiastic creator who is in love with life and humanity. Amber is hopelessly optimistic, an entrepreneur who doesn't believe in the word "cannot." An avid knitter of sweaters and lover of her gorgeous cat, Abby, Amber is a former world traveler who's seen her share of war zones - both literal and self created. A self-professed Cuddle Monster, Amber has been attending Cuddle Parties since they first came to Calgary. She is thrilled to be now facilitating these monthly with co-facilitator, Angela Bladon. Amber hopes to always bring her playful energy, compassionate heart, and genuine compassion to helping others by creating safe learning spaces for all. Though high on life, Amber can often be found at the bottom of a Cuddle Party 'puppy pile.'
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