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Spread more cheer  

Access over 50 million potential revelers on our platform. Give attendees an easier way to buy their tickets.

Put your event on everyone’s wish list  

With an easy-to-use, streamlined checkout experience, you can convert your audience into ticket holders faster than ever.

The gift of insights  

Get the most out of your data with 24/7 access to 15+ reports about your event. Review real-time insights about attendees’ holiday interests and behaviors.

“Events drive attendance by creating a sense of urgency and generating PR. While people can come to the zoo year-round, events make them want to come tomorrow. They can serve as an insurance policy against things like bad weather, by drawing attendance even in the off-season.”

-Kait Hilliard, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Los Angeles Zoo

Extend the holiday invitation to more attendees

Get your holiday message in front of the right kind of party goers. On the Eventbrite platform, we can showcase your event to millions of potential ticket buyers — whether they’re searching on Google or skimming their Facebook newsfeeds — on any device.

The fastest way to turn your audience into ticket holders

Nothing sours a celebration like an overly complex check-out. Instead, create a secure, 2-step registration page for your holiday event that will quickly convert your merry-makers into ticket holders. Eventbrite also makes it easy for your attendees to sign up from any device.

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Make your event the reason to celebrate

Eventbrite gives you insight into your attendees’ holiday interests and behaviors during the celebration. Consolidate and review data for quick analysis and on-the-fly decision-making to help things run smoothly. We can capture real-time social media reactions at the event and broadcast them to attract future attendees, all while keeping in the traditions of the holiday.

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Increase ticket sales with our fast and quick mobile checkout

Sites that are mobile-optimized see a 160% lift in conversion rates

A one-second delay in page response can can reduce conversions by 7%

One in 10 buyers drops off for every extra step in a purchase flow

Event creators

We’ll help you create the vision for your event. Access flexible pricing packages designed to bring your event from a plan on paper to full-blown production.

Operations directors

Access an easy-to-use, robust platform. Get real-time event analysis to ensure a better ROI.

Marketing managers

Get access to marketing tools to help build your brand, keep on budget, and exceed ticket sales

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