To grow your niche fanbase and sell tickets, you need to attract new attendees for your chakra balance crystal healing class, brony bar crawl, or feminist paint party. And contrary to what you might think, you don’t need a huge marketing budget to reach your niche audience — you just need to know how to get started.

Here are four ways to promote your niche event if you’re new to the game.

1. Draw people in with a creative event description

Describing your feminist paint party in just a few words can be tough. But to bring in new attendees, you need a strong event description.

Jodi Polasky, owner and founder of Pretty Princess Parties, knows first hand just how important an event description is to draw people in. Pretty Princess Parties hosts princess-themed parties for parents and children across the US.

While most parents don’t know what a princess party is — let alone how to seek one out — Polasky knows they’re looking for an experience that will “create magical memories.” So, she includes those exact words on her event page.

“Having a good event description is critical,” says Polasky. “As an attendee, if you’re going to a musical festival, you know what you’re getting. But for something that’s more niche, you might not exactly understand what the event is.”

The three must-dos for any event description:

  • Paint a picture by using images to complement your description
  • Make it easy to read with skimmable sentences and bulleted lists
  • Add a FAQ to cover any common questions attendees have

2. Optimize your page for search engine optimization (SEO)

One of the first places people start when looking for something new to do? Search engines like Google. That’s why after you’ve created your event description, you want to make sure your niche event shows up as high as possible on the list of results.

If you’re new to SEO, here’s how it works: The better your event listing and/or website incorporates search keywords people might use to find your event online, the higher it will rank in attendees’ search results.

There’s a lot of different ways to optimize your niche event web copy for SEO, from the actual copy you use to the metadata in your HTML. For a crash course, start with this SEO Cheat Sheets for Events or this article on boosting local SEO.

3. Bring your event to life (beyond the main event)

If you’re looking to broaden your audience and get new people to commit to buying tickets to your niche event, start by giving them a “taste” of what they can expect. This could be done by running smaller, free events that encourage people to see what you’re all about.

If running extra events is too big a task for you (or your budget), consider creating an activation or display at another event that attracts a similar crowd. For example, if you are a laughter yoga teacher, you can partner with local wellness events to offer free workshops for attendees.

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4. Guest post on influencers’ platforms

Influencers, or social media gurus with relevant followers, are powerful partners to promote your niche event.

Says Polasky, “Influencers have been incredibly powerful for growing our brand. Being able to partner with people who already are trusted (for us, it’s mostly moms) helps us to connect with potential attendees because those influencers give your event credibility.”

But they don’t always have to be the ones doing the posting. You’re an expert on a highly specific topic — so share that expertise with people online! Do an Instagram takeover or a blog takeover of your influencer’s feed to build credibility.

Here’s how to find micro-influencers (whether mommy bloggers or wellness gurus) to partner with:

  • Look at Instagram’s Explore tab for posts tagged locally or with relevant hashtags
  • Check how many likes and comments they get per post versus number of followers
  • Investigate the types of content they’ve created in the past and if it aligns with your event
  • Engage with them on social media and show interest in their content
  • Hook them with photos and videos of your event, and the benefits of partnering with you

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Turn your niche event into a thriving business

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